What You Need to Know About OAS 3.0

By Ross Garrett in GET/technical Posted Mar 3, 2017

Cloud Elements officially joined the Open API Initiative in November last year to continue the momentum behind organizing the world of APIs into easy-to-consume API hubs with standardized, machine-readable documentation. Over the past few months the members of the OAI Technical Developer Community (TDC) have been hard at work to make the next version of the OpenAPI Specification a reality: OAS 3.0.

Open API Specification OAS 3.0

This week sees the release of the first Implementer’s Draft  of OAS v3.0 - officially released as  3.0.0-RC0 - and is a big step forward for the specification.

Some of the key changes you’ll see from v2.0 to v3.0 include:

  • The overall structure has been rearranged for easier and extended reusability.
  • JSON Schema support has been extended to include `oneOf`, `anyOf` and `not` support.
  • The structure of parameters has changed to allow the use of schema in them.
  • Support for Cookie parameters has been added and dataForm parameters has been eliminated.
  • Body parameters were extracted to their own entity.
  • Support for content type negotiation has been added
  • A new format to allow static linking between responses and future requests has been added.
  • Simplified and enhanced security definitions of APIs.
  • A callback mechanism to describe WebHooks has been added.

At this point, the specification is “feature-complete”, and the Implementer’s Draft is intended to help work through any outstanding issues. So we encourage you to get involved by starting to build against OAS 3.0 and submit feedback here.

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