What Really Went Down at the Denver Startup Games

By Jeremy Park in Shenanigans, Life at Cloud Elements Posted Apr 26, 2018

DISCLAIMER: The content of this post is adult-material intended for the shenanigans/company culture blog of Cloud Elements. Names have been maintained for authenticity and the contents in this post are to be interpreted from 40,000 ft, not to be held against any of the Cloudies unless to challenge us in our return during next year’s Startup Games.


Cloud Elements Startup Games

Now that we’ve gotten the niceties out of the way....

I cordially welcome you to share a glimpse into the day of a Cloudie (endearing term for Cloud Elements employee) on April 7, 2018, our inaugural participation in the charitably rowdy event called Startup Games. And rather than write this entire post myself, I made a request to our Slack channel asking, “can you post a quick thought on how you felt about [the] games? I'll do my best to include them in the post. Thanks!!”

...and within minutes, #startupgames channel exploded with:

CloudieC: We definitely won the medal count (I think?!) it was: 2nd Liars Dice, 2nd Pop Shot, Nothing beer pong 😞, 2nd Makato, 2nd Flip Cup, 3rd Ping Pong. The bourbon fueled optimism overtook my memory, but I think this is where we landed. 
: slightly drunk? =)
CloudieB: I don’t recall to be honest!
CloudieH: Well all I have to say is I'm glad we took home the team spirit award - although I hate winning a participation trophy - this one was well deserved being that we were the only ones bopping around dancing with signage and capes the ENTIRE event. We kept the dance party alive.

*And then they shared 124,429,304 pictures & GIFs over slack*

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giphy (16) image (34)-502967-edited-571689-edited Image uploaded from iOS (25)

For those who do remember, we placed 4th overall, but according to CloudieC, “we definitely won the medal count…” and some of us (a.k.a. CloudieK)  had some disputes, saying “I still don’t agree that “Baker is lit” should have won.” Whether we’re at the office or competing in extracurricular events to raise money for charity, we hate to lose. And like CloudieM said, “if you’re not first, you’re last.”


But at the end of the day, CloudieT captured our sincere feelings:

“Thanks everyone for bringing your best today. It was great to compete alongside all of you! #forAGoodCause,” which ties into our company’s guiding principle #4: Freedom, flexibility, responsibility. We were simply grateful to be a part of an exciting event with an amazing mission, surrounded by awesome coworkers who we get to call friends.

Cloud Elements was represented in the Startup Games by 26 Cloudies from almost every department and ranging in seniority from new-hires to co-founding C-suites, and the coolest part? We raised $1500 for Roundup River Ranch, a local charity offering “old-fashioned, pure fun camp experiences for children with serious illnesses and their families”, enough to supply a summer’s worth of materials for their nature & discovery programs or sponsor a child to attend camp for one week at no cost to him/her!


Now that we’ve been incepted into what’s hopefully a yearly event, we’re more determined than ever to win the Games and build more friendships, hang out with fellow Denver tech companies, and of course, raise more money for an awesome charity of our choice. Hope to see you there!

And if you're feeling super jealous of our awesome team (which you should be by this point) - check out our careers page to see if we have a spot perfect for you!

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