[Webinar Recording] What is an Application Ecosystem?

By Pete Geoly in API Industry Trends, Application Ecosystem Posted Jul 10, 2019

Today, the digital enterprise is powered by 100s to 1000s of applications. This digital transformation requires a mix of internal and external applications that all need to be connected. APIs are the glue that holds the Application Ecosystem together.


Definition of Application Ecosystem (noun):
The dynamic network of applications, products and services upon which organizations rely internally, or must interact with across customers, partners and their global business footprint, to create and exchange sustainable value.


Watch How Application Ecosystems Drive Innovation presented by Mark Geene and Ross Garrett to learn about the four patterns of API integration needed to manage an Application Ecosystem. Then Mike Casullo, the CIO at TwentyEighty, walks you through an example of how they met their Order Process challenges by implementing integrating APIs across their Application Ecosystem.