The Visionaries Behind Cloud Elements (Video)

By Brandi Hererra in Life at Cloud Elements Posted Dec 2, 2016

A personal perspective from the leadership team and their vision behind Cloud Elements. The conversation about the ground breaking integrations we're creating, amazing people we're working with, and how we're changing the integration space. 


 Lou Salfi has worked in the API world previous to his position as VP of Revenue at Cloud Elements as is overwhelmed with the capacity that it's evolving. “This company is providing a disruptive technology that innovating, and it’s an exciting new space in API and API management.”

Everyday Lou comes into the office, his energy empowers others to be just as excited he is.

Cloud Elements has a steady focus on building the right team, with a good culture fit, Vineet Joshi, Co-founder & CTO , is really passionate about the people and culture that lives at Cloud Elements. “We have such a great team and we’ve taken a lot of effort to make sure we’ve hired the right people for the job.”

Within growing companies, culture is often lost along the way but is a huge part of why the what makes the people so great. “The culture is in a place where it needs to be for a company our size, as well as for a company in the technology realm.”

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