Sunsetting Cloud Elements V1 Platform

By David Honan in GET/technical, Product Updates Posted Jun 11, 2018

We are saying goodbye to our first UI.

By the end of June, we will be routing all logins from to our fully React based UI: So, while we are moving away from an old friend, lots of new adventures are already happening!

“It's time to say goodbye, but I think goodbyes are sad and I'd much rather say hello.

Hello to a new adventure.”

- Ernie Harwell

It’s a funny thing to say goodbye to something that for the most part is still going to be there. Our UI has always just been an extension of our 100% RESTful API platform because anything you can do in the UI can be accomplished through a CLI of your choosing. In fact, I like to joke that, “If you don’t like our UI, you can easily build your own instead - given that our UI just calls our APIs to accomplish tasks in the same way that your application can.”


I can vividly recall the early days at Cloud Elements where our platform consisted of a basic web UI that had a few components: Elements (our smart connectors), their accompanying REST resources, and some basic usage statistics. How proud we were - we had produced the first, user friendly, easy to use, REST API based integration platform. Companies that had a SaaS application and needed to get that application integrated to the endpoints (e.g. SFDC, HubSpot, Box) that their customers were using was now made simple due to the consistent developer experience that our platform provided.

As we began to grow our customer base, we received usability feedback and suggestions for new features. So we added enhancements to the UI as we went along. But, as we progressed, our V1 UI became crowded with some of the main features buried under secondary items. In addition, we found that the UI was at the point where we only used it for demos, classroom instruction, and specific “one time” tasks:

Cloud Elements V1 Platform (Sunsetting)

It was time to move on - we needed a redesign. 

 A New and improved UI 

UI V2 was initiated. It needed to be more front and center, supporting all types of use cases from building Elements to syncing data using Formulas. It needed to be smart, doing some of the work for you - better reflecting how Cloud Elements is low to no code. It needed better admin utilities, simplified security interface, deployment & branding visualized, and most of all, Virtual Data Resources needed to be centered and celebrated.


Cloud Elements API Integration Platform

Since its beta launch in 2017, we’ve continued to make amazing improvements to our V2 UI, including walkthroughs, tips, deeper documentation and modern visual design. Everything in V2 is better, faster, cooler. 


RIP V1. Time to say Goodbye. Time for you to ride off into the sunset.

Maybe the way to think of the sunset of V1 is as less of a sad goodbye, but more of a new hello. New adventures await.

Be good. Aloha.

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