Totaljobs Integration | Our Best Example of Browse APIs

By Mark Geene in Product Updates Posted Aug 24, 2015

As a continuation of last week’s blog on API Design: Search, Browse, Select, let us unveil our best example of browse APIs used in real-life applications. This use case showcases why end users require the ability to search and browse within your API Integration. Like we said last week, integrations go far deeper than simply writing to the API.  Read the full blog series on creating a cooperative app to capture insights on all that lies below the surface of an integration.

Totaljobs is like the of the UK, and is the UK’s largest job posting application. Millions of jobseekers browse the Totaljobs app each month looking for open positions and new career opportunities. 


Cloud integration came into play for Totaljobs as the development team aimed to improve the mobile application process. Prior to integration, “jobseekers could either attach a CV to their profile on the desktop site and then apply for the job on their mobile whilst logged in or they could email themselves a link to the job posting and then apply on their desktop later on,” recalls John Cheung, Managing Senior Developer of Totaljobs Group. The mobile barrier meant that jobseeker visits were not converting to applications as well as they could have.

totaljobs-integrationWith Cloud Elements’ Cloud Storage and Documents Hub – a unified API for Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and SharePoint – Totaljobs Group eliminated browsing barriers on mobile devices and created a seamless experience for people applying on the job board. Now end users can select their preferred Cloud Storage service, including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and Box, and then search for their resume by name or browse  their files for the correct document.

Essentially the team, with a little help from Cloud Elements, was able to narrow the mobile application process down to a site visit → job application → connect to a cloud service → find and select a CV → submit job application.  Simple and easy.

In January 2014  (which for the Totaljobs Group is historically the biggest month of the year), 593k applications were made using mobile devices on Totaljobs Group websites. Looking forward to July 2014, once Cloud Elements had been implemented, 770k applications were made using mobile devices; a 30% increase.

For more information on how to implement your own search, browse and select features to your API design, read this complementary blog.


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