Totaljobs Group Revolutionizes Mobile with Documents Hub API

By Monica Peotter in SaaS Integration Posted Oct 2, 2014

Totaljobs Group (The#1 Job Posting website in the UK) boosts their mobile applications by 30% with the help of Cloud Elements Documents API Integration Service. This is a big impact on their bottom line numbers as a business. But before we cover these staggering results, a bit about their business:

Try Cloud Elements total-jobs-logoThere are two types of users that use online job boards; the job-poster and the jobseeker. The job-poster’s primary objective is to solicit applications, while jobseeker are the primary visitors of a job board like Totaljobs. These are the users that surfing the site, visiting a variety of landing pages and really making the job boards the insanely valuable to recruitment firms and advertisers, alike. Totaljobs recognized a major barrier to the jobseeker persona when it came to searching and applying for positions on a mobile device, and set out to make this specific user experience seamless.

So why all the focus on mobile? Think about it. When do people look for jobs? While they are sitting at their desk (at their current job) looking for that next career move, or is it when they are on a commute or in transition? Totaljobs Group knew that a lot of the jobseeker activity would be done on a mobile device while in transition and the application development team wanted a way to make it easy for users to directly upload their resumes and CVs.

total-jobs-MobileApplications-OntheTubeAs all mobile users know, it is impossible to search through a hard drive on your mobile device for a resume. It’s actually impossible. The only way you can find and share a document is through the cloud. Totaljobs Group previously allowed users to upload from Google Drive but felt restricted to only accommodating Google users. By implementing the Cloud Elements one-to-many integration platform to the Documents Hub they were able to write to one API and allow users to choose from all of the leading cloud document storage providers (Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Sharepoint).

“Cloud Elements was not only a strong contender in helping us normalize the cloud service APIs to a wide array of providers, they were the only solution we found that allowed us to keep our data and processing in the EU, mitigating some of our company privacy concerns” says John Cheung, Managing Senior Developer, Totaljobs Group.

Cheung  continues, “It had taken us too long to create a single integration to Google Drive which was not entirely reusable for other providers. This meant that it required in-depth knowledge of the API to build and maintain it, and it was expensive to build upon for other providers as each API did things in a different way. We needed to step out of building integrations to end-points and focus on our technology’s core capabilities.”

Not only was Totaljobs Group able to increase the mobile visit conversion rate by 30% but they were also able to increase the number of CVs/resumes captured per week on mobile devices by 55%. Totaljobs Group created a responsive web page allowing seamless integration with their mobile and desktop groups. These astounding results influenced their parent company (StepStone) to adopt a cloud integration solution for the companies other subsidiary applications

Read more about the Totaljobs Customer Story. If you’re ready to create your own cooperative app, try Cloud Elements.