Top 8 Integration Marketplaces 

By Hannah Shain in API Industry Trends Posted Oct 6, 2016

We live in a world where apps need to connect faster. System administrators and line of business users don’t have time to fuss over the details of integration, they just need it to work with a switch to ON. Over the year we have worked to solve the need to connect apps faster, by partnering with some major name brands in designing and deploying API integration marketplaces. Creating a REST API based Integration Marketplace is the best user experience you can offer to your customers who expect low-code, ease of use, simple connections.

Our examples of the top integration marketplaces of 2016 are all complete with out-of-the-box connectors that connect digital business and SaaS apps with a self-service user experience. With the Cloud Elements catalog of 115+ pre-built connectors, these new integration marketplaces were created in under a year, often in just a few weeks, which is significantly faster and more cost-efficient than developers and designers building it on their own.

Cloud Elements one-to-many API Hubs provide the backbone for these integration marketplaces. We collaborate with our customers to design the UI and branding so it will seamlessly fit within their app user experience, powered by our deep set of integrations features from authentication to data discovery and mapping to formula driven events. Your customers never even know we’re there.

Top 8 Integration Marketplaces of 2016

CustomerGauge Integrations CustomerGauge is a customer retention platform that gathers feedback, such as NPS, and uncovers actionable insights. The integration marketplace enables system administrators to connect CustomerGauge to their choice of CRM: Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM OnPrem, Salesforce CRM, Autotask CRM, Base, Close.IO, ConnectWise, and Hubspot CRM.


BrightTALK Integration BrightTALK is a technology media company that provides professional webinar and video solutions for marketers to more effectively generate leads. The BrightTALK Integration Marketplace connects lead and contact data from the webinars to CRM and Marketing Automation endpoints.

BrightTALK Integration Marketplace

Allbound Integrations Allbound, a new startup focused on improving channel sales with partner sales tools, is built around your company's CRM. Allbound unites your apps, like Salesforce, Eloqua and Dropbox, for marketers to gain deeper insights about their customers and win more sales.

Allbound Integrations Marketplace

Influitive Integration Influitive, the leaders in advocacy marketing, help marketers tap into the power of brand advocates by leveraging gamification and community networking. Each activity a contact completes in Influitive is tracked to the single-source of record for most all marketers, their Marketing Automation platform. Influitive’s integration marketplace is embedded into the admin view of their console, making integrations very easy to setup and manage. 


Zendesk Integrations Zendesk, the world’s leading platform for support desk ticketing allows businesses to quickly and easily interact with customers and address any product related conversations. Zendesk boosts its platform with a deep catalog of apps and integrations,including Freshbooks, WooCommerce, Volusion, Quickbooks, Infusionsoft and Microsoft Dynamics powered by Cloud Elements.

Zendesk Apps Marketplace by Cloud Elements

Sage Integrations In collaboration with Cloud Elements, Sage designed the Sage Integration Cloud recently launched at Sage Summit 2016. The Sage Integration Cloud is a cloud-based platform for Sage customers to select integrations from an entire range of Sage products (Sage One, Sage Live, Sage X3, etc) and connect to other cloud services such as Expensify. 


Avalara Integrations Avalara, the “less taxing, more relaxing” automated tax software does tax calculation and validation for accounting software such as Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, NetSuite, Quickbooks Desktop and Sage.

Avalara Integration Marketplace

Swiftpage Integrations Swiftpage chose to partner with Cloud Elements for the breadth in e-commerce API integrations, as well as a Ground2Cloud deployment feature that allows a direct, on-premises connection to non-public services. Swiftpage created the Act! Connect Marketplace user interface as a consumer facing product page for customers to see all the connections available to them to connect their desktop version of Act! to cloud services.

Act Connect Marketplace

By leveraging these examples, our hope is that product owners can build a strategy for your app’s marketplace of integrations. Product Owners, you can take your roadmap of external integrations off your developer’s backlog and choose from our catalog of pre-built integrations, organized into API Hubs.

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