The 2018 State of API Integration Report Just Went LIVE

By Hannah Shain in API Industry Trends Posted Mar 29, 2018

DENVER, CO -- (March 29, 2018) Today we launched the official 2018 State of API Integration Report, unveiling research that marks a fundamental shift in industry trends, insights on business expectations for API innovation, and where the industry is going strong and where it can improve.

Last year, the State of API Integration Report was the first inaugural research report that sought to sort through the proliferation of APIs.  The 2017 report set the benchmark for research on API integration, and led to even more data collection where readers ranked their own APIs in an interactive online calculator.

the 2018 State of API Integration Report is live

This year’s report builds on observations from 2017, with the help of over 400 API enthusiasts who took over State of API Integration Survey at the end of last year.  The research survey was distributed between September 2017 and March 2018 to representative companies, covering startup to enterprise.  Their responses contributed to identified trends surrounding the existing demand for API integrations and the roadmap for leveraging integrations in the future.

State of API Integration 2018 Demographics

With over 60% of the respondents agreeing that API Integration is critical to their business strategy, our report focused in on four key trends:

  1. When building a platform strategy - how can you drive new revenue opportunities or deliver value through API integration.
  2. By understanding drivers of adoption, you can change how developers and end-users consume APIs and integration services.
  3. The strategic shift of integration has widely been driven by enterprise applications, like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
  4. An evolution of B2B integration has organizations evolving the way they share and synchronize data with partners.

Not only have APIs become a necessity for application customers to streamline operations across their business and product suite, they have become an integral part of product development, business strategy, and scalability.

State of API Integration 2018 Metrics

Whether you’re heading an IT team, an app developer, or just an API enthusiast, this report is a must-read. The comprehensive research covers sections including a breakdown of the data, trends, common API business models, and event-driven integration. It also has expert contributions and insights from:

  • Ross Garrett, VP of Marketing at Cloud Elements
  • Kin Lane, The API Evangelist
  • Isabelle Mauny, co-founder and CTO of 42Crunch
  • Mark Boyd, API Industry Analyst and Founder of Platformable

We’ve now released the official 2018 State of API Integration Report. Download it here to receive the report directly to your inbox.

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