The 10 Best Go-to-Market Integration Campaigns

By Hannah Shain in SaaS Integration Posted Dec 3, 2015

What would it mean to your sales and retention efforts if your application was connected to hundreds of cloud services your customers are using? How much more successful would the adoption of your product be, if your customers knew exactly what integrations you were planning to build, currently building and when they are available to use? Product announcements and user communication is crucial, as you add more and more features. And with today’s mass consumption of content, you are responsible for getting the word out on a wide variety of channels.

Content distribution channels vary from owned-platforms like blogs and emails to earned-platforms like social mentions and media pick-up. We work with a wide range of businesses, startups to enterprises, who all have seen their own version of successful go-to-market integration campaigns.

Before we dive into communication plans, first determine what your goals are for launching integrations to your app? Here’s a few high level goals we have unveiled with our customers:

  • Drive user awareness about available integrations
  • Increase integration adoption by x%
  • Increase trial and beta users by x%
  • Improve customer retention
  • Build app credibility with media coverage and mentions 

Select your goal(s), and keep those top of mind as you begin to design your integration go-to-market campaign. So without further ado, here’s a countdown of the 10 best integration campaigns we have seen in 2015:

  1. Namely’s Press Release & Coverage

As with any good marketing campaign, the right touch of newsworthy announcements will earn you a spot in press coverage, expanding your audience and giving you a wider network to communicate to. Namely, an HR, payroll, benefits platform, provides an example of press coverage for new integrations, sharing a quote from one of their key integration partner’s executives:

“Our partnership with Namely gives customers a pre-built, flexible and seamless integration to the entire back office, allowing them to focus on other key initiatives to grow the business,”  Raj Narayanaswamy, co-founder and co-CEO of Replicon. See More at: Namely Media Coverage

  1. Lander’s Monthly Newsletter Update

Recurring email communications, in the form of monthly newsletters, are a great way to keep your users in-the-know. The consistency of a newsletter format, headline/subject line, and type of content will enable your readers to repeatedly come back and get the answers they are looking for.

Lander, a marketing app to create beautiful A/B landing pages, shares integration updates with their newsletter subscribers on a monthly basis. Here’s a screenshot of one of their latest:


  1. Integration Blog Announcement - Explore Shiny New Apps on Zendesk

One of your best channels for rapid content is your own blog. Zendesk, the market leaders for a support desk app, is a fantastic example of divvying up their blog to tailor content to what users are looking for. Check out this recurring update, notifying users of new integrations and why they are valuable.


  1. BrightTALK’s Dedicated Email Campaign (with a value prop)

Some may say that email is overrated, but we disagree. Email is the number one form of communication, beating out social media, according to a recent Forbes article. And who better to email then your very own user base? Tell your users what’s coming, what’s available, and where they can contribute to the conversation. See BrightTalk for a stellar example of a dedicated email campaign for their new integrations:


  1. Trello’s Dedicated Visual Email Campaign

Are your email subscribers not the type to read a ton of content? We understand! Hence why we’re ranking Trello’s Integration Email Campaign one step higher -- fantastic use of colors and visualization. Particularly like how Trello does a summary recap of new integrations at the top and then dives into each further down.


  1. The Zendesk Finance Apps Infographic

In partnership with Cloud Elements, Zendesk promotes the finance app integrations in a PDF form infographic. Infographics are perfectly tailored to the visual reader of 2015 and help promote user adoption of each of the integrations.
Zendesk Finance

  1. The InsightSquared Integrations Graphic

Graphics are the best way to get easy shares from your audience on social. Check out this visual integration graphic by InsightSquared. As you create and post these graphics, we recommend that you make them extra easy to share by including ‘click to tweet’ buttons next to each graphic. (We included an example here to help explain).


  1. Rezora’s Homepage Feature

We love that Rezora, Boulder-based digital marketing platform, is so laser-focused on their integration strategy, that they save a spot right on the homepage for their integration categories. Our webmaster shared that on average 40% of new web visitors only see your homepage and then exit. We can’t imagine a more important platform than the homepage to highlight key integrations!


  1. Xero’s App Marketplace

To really go above and beyond, you can take Xero’s App Marketplace  as an example of a stellar integration campaign. We love public marketplaces as a way to view all the available integrations in one single place.



  1. Another App Marketplace by Zendesk

The leader for 2015’s Best Go-To-Market Integration Campaign examples hands-down goes to Zendesk. Zendesk is leading the way in integrations, offering hundreds of different apps to context to their platform, really showcasing how they fit into your environment.


Have other examples you want to share with us? Let us know at!