Storytelling @ Denver Startup Week

By Alison Harshberger in Life at Cloud Elements Posted Oct 4, 2018

Denver Startup Week (DSW) is an annual, week long event celebrating all things entrepreneurial in Denver. This year DSW hosted networking events, lectures, and happy hours all across Denver for entrepreneurs looking to network and hear stories from local leaders who have built thriving startups.

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Storytelling is an essential part of our day-to-day communications in the workplace, and it is one of the simplest and most powerful ways to connect with other people. Moreover, sharing stories is crucial in the business world: selling your products, sharing your brand, and promoting your business. Good storytelling can turn a logo into a international symbol, generate profit from a simple idea, and transform the average consumer into a loyal patron who publicly supports your brand.

“Story brings life to what you communicate. Story builds trust and familiarity that you must establish with your customers before they will buy from you.”

- Chris Moore, Founder of Wearrative

Needless to say, storytelling is essential to small businesses and startups looking for public recognition and support, and it was an important theme at DSW 2018.

Sharing our Story

Cloud Elements always sends employees to attend sessions, compete in the Denver Startup Games, and network with other entrepreneurs during startup week. This year we were lucky to have our employees and founders sharing their stories. Vineet Joshi, our Co-Founder and CTO, spoke at “API 101 for Startups” and shared his extensive knowledge of API integrations. The other speakers included: John Kirby, Director of Software Architecture at ViaWest, Joe Scharf, VP of Engineering at SendGrid, and Jeff Selk, Lead API Developer at Photobucket. Collectively they pulled from their engineering backgrounds to give the audience an overview of how APIs can get their business up and running with the right integrations.

Vineet Joshi (far right) speaking at “API 101 for Startups.”

Our CEO, Mark Greene, also spoke at the panel “Lessons Learned in Fundraising.” He shared the story of how the company got funding in the early days before the idea of Cloud Element’s became a reality. Over the years, we have learned so much at DSW from the advice of successful startups. Having the opportunity to send our founders to tell their stories and give advice to Denver entrepreneurs allowed us to give back to the startup community.=

Storytelling Highlights - Some of our favorite events at DSW 2018.
  1. “Selling/Showing/Wearing the Story of Your Business” - A panel of small business owners from different industries who rent space at Modern Nomad in RiNo shared about how they got their businesses started.

    Key Takeaway: Human connection can be so easily lost in a tense business world, but since humans love stories and connecting with one another, sharing our stories can help us grow our business and make friends along the way.
  2. “The Brand Experience” - A panel of marketing and graphic design experts from local businesses shared their personal experience of creating a brand.

    Key Takeaways: Your brand is so much more than a logo - it is a reflection of your company to the world. Therefore, when you build your brand, use thought and intention so that your best story is told.

Big thanks to Denver Startup Week speakers, sponsors, and planners for making this event a success year after year! DSW hosted great events all week where we could learn more about the nitty gritty details of the business world while drinking a beer. This week allowed startups and entrepreneurs to build a community to learn from and support each other. We are lucky to have events like this in Denver. If you're an entrepreneur or part of a startup, join the fun next year and attend startup week!

At Cloud Elements, we value being a part of this startup community in Denver. If you want to be a part of this community, we’re looking for talented, creative, problem solvers who are driven and passionate to join our rapidly expanding team. 

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