State of API Integrations: 2017 & BEYOND

By Hannah Shain in API Industry Trends Posted Mar 22, 2017

Throughout the years, we have seen an exponential proliferation of APIs, which can cause developers to be overrun with excess data and information. At Cloud Elements, we are dedicated to providing developers with solutions to connect and work with any API, which is why we are excited to announce the upcoming release of the State of API Integrations Report. The report aims to highlight expansive research on the current state of APIs, with advice on how to design your own application's API to future-proof connectivity.

Dive into the report to take a look back at the state of API integrations in 2016, gaining insight into the recent explosion of APIs and the implications of API integrations to work more efficiently in the near and distant future. With 39% of enterprises demanding easier integrations for their thousands of internal cloud services, the need for app integration and apps to work in harmony becomes a major priority.

We also address the proliferation challenge by providing noteworthy trends, insights on the ease of integration, and data revealing where the industry is going next. For example, did you know that over 59% of APIs use some other type of Auth other than OAuth2?

The data within the report comes from the Cloud Elements platform of API integrations, research from ProgrammableWeb and Datanyze, and insight from key API experts within the industry.

On March 31st, the State of API Integration Report 2017 will officially be released to the public, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t offering a sneak peek first. Reserve your early-access copy of the report and join report contributors Kin Lane, Mark Geene, and Ross Garrett as they unveil the exclusive findings of their research during a live webinar on March 30th at 8:00am PT.