The Current State of API Integration [Infographic]

By Alison Harshberger in API Industry Trends Posted May 18, 2018

The State of API Integration 2018 Report contains a full breakdown on the current state of the API industry, a look at what’s trending and why, and a look ahead to where we believe API integration is headed. This year’s report builds on observations from 2017, with the help of over 400 API enthusiasts who took the State of API Integration Survey at the end of last year. 

Check out the infographic below to see how the report proved that APIs have become an integral part of business and what trends to look for in the coming year. 

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B2B Dependence on Integration

Over 60% agree that an integration strategy is critical to their business strategy. The B2B world is reliant on technology, especially API integrations. Out of the new digital products being developed in 2018, 65% of them are going to be B2B products as compared to 39% mobile products and 36% B2C. Connectivity, collaboration, and success with partners and customers is the lifeblood that drives organizations. During 2018, more than 50% of all B2B collaboration will take place via API integration and providing a way for partners to exchange products and information is fundamental to B2B success.

Customizable API Platforms

Customers are also looking for an API that fits their specific business needs. Integration can’t be “one size fits all.” API mediation is becoming a more familiar concept as many organizations begin to evolve beyond their first foray into the API economy. API mediation is a solution for enriching or personalizing interactions between distributed application and service components. API providers must start to deliver more tooling that expands their addressable market.

Event Driven Integrations

Research done for this year's report made it clear that many architects and developers have high interest in and adoption of event-driven integrations. The WebSockets standard is now well established as an efficient mechanism to stream data in real-time, and Webhooks is gaining momentum as the protocol and pattern of choice for event-driven APIs.

Increased Security Measures

APIs provide access to data and services otherwise locked behind corporate firewall, they enable easy development of web and mobile products, and they allow organizations to do business in new ways. This strategic opportunity opens up new vulnerabilities, and APIs are becoming the primary attack vector for unscrupulous individuals, organizations, and governments. The multiplication of endpoints through an organization’s use of APIs blurs their security perimeters. The development, security, and operations teams should work together and maximize security by putting it in the code.

The emerging trends in the API industry change every year. The world of API integration is fast-paced and dependent on new technological advances. The 2018 report gives a comprehensive look at what we are seeing in the industry and what to expect in the coming year.

Check out the infographic below for a quick breakdown of important stats from the report!

State of API Integration 2018 Report Infographic

The State of API Integration 2018 report gives a complete look at what we are seeing in the industry and themes to expect in the coming year. Download the full report for more information!

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