Slidefish Integrates Box, Dropbox and Google Drive with Documents Hub

By McKenzie Fetzer in SaaS Integration Posted Feb 13, 2014

Box, Dropbox and Google Drive integrations will soon to be available to users of Slidefish, a documents sharing, feedback and analytics tool. Slidefish, based in Sydney, Australia, is using the Cloud Elements Documents Hub to speed up their development process and give their customers more options.



Helping companies collaborate on presentations is the foundation of their product, so they had demand from their clients to make it easy to access documents contained in their Box, Dropbox and Google Drive accounts. Using the Documents Hub allowed Slidefish to integrate leading cloud document services and get their product into customers hands as quickly as possible. CEO Neil Smith says, “As a small team, our development time is limited. Working with Cloud Elements, we canleverage their team to deliver a better product to our customers and keep us ahead of the game.”

Neil came up with the idea for Slidefish from his own need to create an online presentation. He couldn’t find a tool that did what he needed, so he created his own. When he received an awesome reaction from his friends and colleagues, he realized it was an idea he should pursue. But integrating other cloud services proved to be a more difficult than expected, an issue almost all developers run into.

“The Cloud Elements Documents ‘Elements’ take a huge amount of pain away from us. Not having to worry about ongoing API changes from the various cloud document storage providers means that we can integrate with their services much faste, on a larger scale and more reliably than we could on our own,” Neil adds.

Check out Slidefish’s website and start simplifying the way you collaborate on documents and presentations.

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