Ski Retreat: Shenanigans at Altitude

By Monica Peotter in Life at Cloud Elements Posted Feb 6, 2015

 My favorite game in elementary school was Heads Up Seven Up.We would all put our heads down on our desks, thumbs up in the air and be really, really quiet. We’d wait patiently for our turn for our friends to knock down our thumbs, and make our best guess at who’s turn it was.


Now that I think about it, I’m thinking this was one big ploy by teachers around the nation to get some peace and quiet from the 3rd grade chaos.

Regardless, fast forward 20+ years to today’s app-based games, and I introduce you to the new Heads Up game. This app-based game, created by Ellen DeGeneres, is a mix of charades, pictionary, dancing and laughing. Far from my distance childhood memories of the original heads up game. And this time, there’s no big ploy to keep the players quiet when while playing.

Last week, the Cloud Elements sales and marketing team ventured up to the Rocky Mountains for a mini-ski retreat. 

Our days were fused with team bonding and lots of laughter around the Heads Up app. We played a variety of categories from Accents and Impressions to Act-it Out and Animals.

Between some failed attempts of cartwheels and twerking, to accents of Brooklyn and Valley Girls, I think it’s safe to say it’s best we keep our day jobs at a tech startup versus moving to Hollywood in pursuit of an acting career.

Best part about the new app, it comes with the option to save the recording of your teammates acting out their word. Words cannot explain the shenanigans that took place at our mountain lodge. Instead, I invite you to enjoy this video below. 
Feel free to laugh a little at our ridiculousness.

In addition to charades at the cabin, we were able to get a little ski time in on the slopes. We even found the time to build a quick human pyramid at the top of Peak 8 (PHOTO COMING SOON! EpicMix is feverishly trying to find our lost pictures!). What better way to build trust and team rapport, then literally put your lives in their hands on top of an icy-snow packed mountain?

To wrap up the Ski Retreat, the rest of the company joined us for our monthly Ski Day at Copper Mountain. Colorado’s blue skies shined bright last week, making for an epic day both onthe mountain and out on the deck for an extended lunch break.

Each week is a new adventure with this wild bunch that we call “Elements” – I suppose that’s the blessing in disguise when it comes to working for a small startup!