SAPPHIRE 2018 Recap: Cloud Elements Announcement

By Chase Doelling in Enterprise Integration Posted Jun 12, 2018

What do Jon Bon Jovi, Lindsey Vonn and Justin Timberlake all have in common? They, along with 22,000 people, descended upon SAP’s SAPPHIRE NOW conference in Orlando last week. It’s SAP’s largest annual conference (they also host Tech Ed in October) gathering leadership from the largest organizations in the world into one room. To give a sense of scale, 92% of the Fortune 2000 are SAP customers.

Bill McDermott opened the 3-day conference with a focus on customer loyalty and data that moves relationships. Announcing a new CRM, C/4 HANA, that aims at Salesforce and the almost $40B CRM market. Combining customer data from different systems to form a holistic view of the customer as Bill said, “Not just automation like other companies.” As we begin to move into the GDPR era of privacy, it was noted that this is customer approved data, as the new head of C/4 HANA and President of Customer Experience Alex Atzberger reiterated, “Customers are done with creepy, don’t be creepy.”

The introduction of C/4 HANA now completes what SAP calls the Intelligent Enterprise, in which machine learning and the feed of analytics can power decisions across the entire customer experience. With integration powering all aspects of that movement across the enterprise. Later mentioned in Hasso Plattner’s keynote, C/4 HANA has the largest number of developers in SAP associated to it.


SAP Cloud Platform


On the show floor, football fields worth of demo pods filled the convention center. Showcasing all the different business units that comprise the greater SAP such as Ariba, Concur, FieldGlass, SuccessFactors, and S/4 HANA. Supplementing these were future facing technologies such as SAP Leonardo that encompasses AI, machine learning, and blockchain, but also SAP’s incubation center for new products SAP.IO.

On day two of SAPPHIRE we announced our partnership with SAP in which every HANA Cloud Platform customer can leverage our entire catalog of over 150 Elements (known as SAP Open Connectors). CTO and Cloud Platform President, Björn Goerke, highlighted it during his keynote and breakout address that Open Connectors seamlessly move data between SAP and non-SAP applications.

“[Open] Connectors are harmonized and hide a lot of the complexities of the systems behind them and providing you standard REST APIs, so it's very easy to integrate through them with our integration services into any SAP and non-ERP solution.” - Björn Goerke, SAP CTO


CTO SAP - Björn Goerke


Open Connectors will be apart of the new Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement with SAP customers. With its AWS-like consumption-based model, Open Connectors is the only pay-as-you-go integration platform on the market.


SAP Cloud Elements Announcement


While this may have the been the first trip to Orlando that didn’t include Space Mountain or Legos the size of your house, we’re so excited to be apart of the SAPPHIRE experience this year and for many years to come.