Use the Cloud Elements CRM Hub to integrate the Sage CRM API

By Vivek Ravishankar in Product Updates Posted Aug 2, 2017


Building API integrations sucks. Now, integrating the Sage CRM API can suck less by using Cloud Elements! Our Sage CRM Element is now included in our CRM Hub. Integrating with our CRM Hub API gives you full access to the Sage CRM cloud platform as well as a bunch of other popular CRM cloud services.


The Cloud Elements CRM Hub is a uniform API to access the leading cloud CRM services with standardized API calls, responses, and error codes. Share contacts, companies, leads, lists and much more across all of the cloud services you use. Easily connect Sage CRM with Marketing, Finance, eCommerce and Help Desk services through our pre-built, uniform APIs.

To try building a Sage CRM integration for free, log into Cloud Elements and follow the instructions in our Sage CRM Element documentation

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