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By Katherine Northrup in Life at Cloud Elements Posted Jan 28, 2016

Walking into Cloud Elements, one will see 5 hanging clouds with our core values displayed boldly across. CEO, Mark Geene, believes that it’s our core values that continue to drive the company to success. Our core values are to be passionate contributors, keep customers first, enjoy freedom, flexibility and responsibility, iterate to success, and keep things simple.  customers-first-blog-banner.png

In this blog we will dive in deeper to our “Customers First” core value. We have asked several employees from multiple departments to answer what they believe customers first means and why it is important to them. What good are values if they aren’t practiced anyway? From these employees it is clear that customers first resonates in their everyday activities at Cloud Elements. 

Over and over again, employees answered that putting the customers first is a priority everyday at Cloud Elements. Brian Chan, Sales Engineer, stated that “customers first, to me as a salesperson, means that when I sell a deal, or work with a prospect that becomes a customer, we can always guarantee that those customers’ requests and needs will come first.” It is an inverted pyramid where customers have the most power compared to a top level employee. CEO Mark Geene stated “without customers who love our product, and are excited, we’re nothing. We don’t grow. They’re why we exist.”

Customers first resonates throughout Cloud Elements and is beneficial in many ways. Not only financially, but as a company identity in the marketplace. Jim MacLeod, Practice Director, stated that “customers are key to success. There is company benefit, but it is also the right thing to do to show value to our customers who are trusting us.” Jim believes all people in the organization need to be involved with this core value to be effective and he believes employees here are. Statistics prove how beneficial showing admiration for our customers and putting their needs first can be.

There are examples of employees putting their customers first and solving problems with the customer in mind. Danielle LaForte, software engineer, explained that 50% of her work is listening to what customers want and what problem they need solved. 25% is knowing if Cloud Elements has the resources to offer a solution to that problem and the last 25% is that if she agrees to a time frame, she makes sure to stick to it and throughout the process be open and clear with the customer. Brian Chan told an example of a customer with a very short time frame that was initially not happy with the progress the team was making. Brian put all his efforts into making that customer happy by shifting priorities and putting  the customer in contact with Cloud Elements’ CTO, Vineet Joshi. They were able to make the customer happy after going to great lengths for them. Brian added “customers that you gain and build trust and relationships with are the customers that will make your product better - and make you successful.”

Putting customers first is the way Cloud Elements operates. From planning the day’s tasks with the customer’s to-do list in mind before their own, or getting the customer trusted advice, Cloud Elements employees will go to great lengths to make sure the customer is not just satisfied, but amazed at the level of service. Danielle stated “we want many happy customers behind us to help achieve a goal and set a reputation of trust, and to be the leader in API integration.” Putting customers first gets us there and it is exemplified in our values as well as our actions.

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