By Jackie Rebrovic in Enterprise Integration Posted May 17, 2018

Ushering in the New Era of Enterprise Integration: Data Virtualization

The world of enterprise and application architecture is growing increasingly complex, and organizations need a solution that simplifies their landscape while ensuring high levels of data security...

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By Chase Doelling in API Industry Trends Posted May 16, 2018

The New Age of API Management - Reimagining the Magic Quadrant

Gartner recently named Cloud Elements a ‘Visionary’ on the Magic Quadrant for Full Life Cycle API Management 2018.  Maintaining a visionary approach for API Management in an increasingly...

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By Ross Garrett in API Industry Trends Posted May 10, 2018

Cloud Elements Named a Visionary by Gartner!

Cloud Elements is a visionary on Gartner's 2018 Magic Quadrant for Full Life Cycle API Management. We have re-imagined the world of API and application integration - unifying the world’s APIs and...

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By Jeremy Park in Shenanigans, Life at Cloud Elements Posted Apr 26, 2018

What Really Went Down at the Denver Startup Games

DISCLAIMER: The content of this post is adult-material intended for the shenanigans/company culture blog of Cloud Elements. Names have been maintained for authenticity and the contents in this...

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By Jackie Rebrovic in SaaS Integration, API Industry Trends Posted Apr 24, 2018

How Cloud Elements is Fully Embeddable

One of the fastest ways a product company can turn into a platform is integration. And when it comes to integration, service providers (such as SaaS companies, app development platforms, or...

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By Hannah Shain in API Industry Trends Posted Apr 23, 2018

5 Models for Building a Platform Strategy

Our report demonstrated that more than half of organizations today would considerthemselves to offer a platform or to be on the path to offering a platform. Of those that don’t, it’simportant to...

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By Hannah Shain in API Industry Trends Posted Mar 29, 2018

The 2018 State of API Integration Report Just Went LIVE

DENVER, CO -- (March 29, 2018) Today we launched the official 2018 State of API Integration Report, unveiling research that marks a fundamental shift in industry trends, insights on business...

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By David Honan in GET/technical Posted Mar 22, 2018

Reinventing Eventing | Event-Driven Integration

One of the most common customer use cases that I encountered while on our Sales Engineering team was the ability for our customer’s application to detect and react to changes in a given endpoint...

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By Vivek Ravishankar in Product Updates Posted Mar 21, 2018

How to securely access bank account data with the Plaid API

Every day financial activities are increasingly being conducted through online applications, and as the Fintech industry continues to explode, having API-based access to users’ bank account data...

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By David Honan in GET/technical, API Industry Trends Posted Mar 9, 2018

GET /compliance & Why You Should Care

I’ve heard the phrase “compliance is hard” thrown around here lately at Cloud Elements and yes, it is hard - I think that we can all agree on that. In fact, that exact phrase was used quite often...

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