By Hannah Shain in Events, All Things API Posted Nov 1, 2017

LIVE BLOG: APIStrat 2017 Developer Experience Matters, Theme

Coming to you LIVE from APIStrat 2017 in Portland, Oregon where over 300 API enthusiasts, ranging from seasoned veterans to first-timer's, have gathered to hear about emerging trends in the API...

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By Jackie Rebrovic in enterprise integration Posted Oct 31, 2017

Webinar Recap: Put Data at the Center of Your Enterprise Integration Strategy

 Earlier this month, our Head of Product Marketing, Ross Garrett, led a webinar Put Data at the Center of Your Enterprise Integration Strategy. He discusses some of the challenges with the current...

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By Brandi Hererra in Developer Posted Oct 20, 2017

Workflow Automation Using Cloud Elements’ Formulas and Trigger Events

Our Customer Enablement Manager, Clayton Shaver, recently demoed how to write Formulas in the newly released Cloud Elements 2.0. Here are few tips and instructions to help you use both our...

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By Vivek Ravishankar in Products Posted Oct 17, 2017

Sync up with Enterprise Cloud Storage with the Egnyte API Integration

We are excited to announce that our Egnyte API integration is now available through our Elements Catalog. Egnyte, a cloud platform for enterprise file sharing, storage, and collaboration, makes...

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By Brandi Hererra in Products Posted Oct 10, 2017

Get Social with Our New Hootsuite API Integration

Hootsuite is a social media management tool that allows users to schedule and post updates to  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, WordPress and other platforms from one dashboard....

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By Ross Garrett in Products Posted Oct 9, 2017

New Cloud Elements Security Features

Since our big release of Cloud Elements 2.0 in August, the team has been keeping up the pace on new product development - and we’re super happy to announce a raft of new security features! These...

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By Vivek Ravishankar in Customer Story Posted Oct 5, 2017

How Cloud Elements saved Fuze months of development time [Video]

Fuze is a globally recognized UCaaS provider which serves enterprise customers worldwide. We recently had a chance to sit down with Paul Stege, Director of Global Solutions at Fuze, and get his...

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By Vivek Ravishankar in Developer Posted Oct 2, 2017

Eventing and Bulk with Cloud Elements

Integrations are all about enabling communication between your disconnected APIs. So, when building a new integration, one of your top priorities should be to create frameworks for data transfer....

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By Chase Doelling in Developer Posted Sep 28, 2017

Dev Discuss | Why we built our own Functions as a Service

Dev discussion with Rocky Madden, avid functional programing, computational science, and high-scalability engineer. Lover of the sciences. Core contributor on the Cloud Elements Platform team. ...

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By Vivek Ravishankar in Products Posted Sep 25, 2017

Up Your Marketing Game With Our New iContact API Integration

iContact is an email marketing and marketing automation platform focused on small and medium sized businesses. iContact helps users nurture leads intelligently by creating personalized campaigns...

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