By Jackie Rebrovic in GET/technical, API Industry Trends Posted Aug 28, 2019

Integrating Applications 101: API Integration Best Practices

Great APIs can make great integrations, but like the APIs they connect, integrations can be unique and vary wildly. Nonetheless, integration is no longer a nice-to-have product feature but...

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By Teresa Lawlor in Conferences, API Industry Trends, Application Ecosystem Posted Aug 23, 2019

15 Unmissable Technology Events for Your Calendar This Fall

Similar to last year, we’ve rounded up the technology conferences you should check out for the last half of the year. Our curated, chronological list offers something for all -marketing, finance,...

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By Jackie Rebrovic in SaaS Integration, API Industry Trends Posted Jul 30, 2019

Are you Selling a Product or Platform? | Cloud Elements

In the 2018 State of API Integration Report, one of the key themes we uncovered was an increasing preference to pursue a platform strategy. We learned that APIs are the fuel which create a...

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By Jackie Rebrovic in Life at Cloud Elements, API Industry Trends Posted Jul 19, 2019

Cloud Elements New Strategic Investors: SAP and ServiceNow

Today is an exciting day for Cloud Elements as we announced new strategic investments from SAP and ServiceNow, together with the appointment of Doug Gilkey as the company’s first Chief Revenue...

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By Pete Geoly in API Industry Trends, Application Ecosystem Posted Jul 10, 2019

[Webinar Recording] What is an Application Ecosystem?

Today, the digital enterprise is powered by 100s to 1000s of applications. This digital transformation requires a mix of internal and external applications that all need to be connected. APIs are...

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By Jackie Rebrovic in API Industry Trends Posted Jul 2, 2019

The Mode of More - How Businesses Need to React to the Increase in Demand for API Integrations

In April we released the third edition of our annual industry report: The State of API Integration 2019. This year we continued to expand our global research by collecting data from 350 API...

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By Pete Geoly in API Integration, Customer Story, Element Builder Posted Jun 4, 2019

TwentyEighty Reduces the Sales-to-Order Process Time by 35 Percent

Removing integration barriers to drive best-in-class business processes

To support their goal of reducing costs, eliminating error-prone manual processes and increasing invoice accuracy,...

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By Ross Garrett in Product Updates Posted May 16, 2019

Introducing Cloud Elements 3.0: Taking API Integration to the Next Level

I don’t have enough developers to keep up. I can’t rely on IT for all the needs our business has. Sure, every little bit helps. But it’s not enough. Plus, Google, SAP, Microsoft - they all just...

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By Mark Geene in API Industry Trends Posted May 15, 2019

Own Your Digital Ecosystem, or It’ll Own You

It’s one of the most deflating moments for a software business. You’ve poured thousands of hours into building a great product. It works as promised, and you have early customers who believe in...

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By Shelby Switzer in API Industry Trends Posted May 7, 2019

Understanding Application Ecosystems: Healthcare

The healthcare interoperability landscape has been changing rapidly since 2014. While five years may seem like an age in other industries, and spectators from those industries might view “rapidly”...

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