By Mark Geene in Life at Cloud Elements, API Industry Trends Posted Mar 1, 2019

Cloud Elements $25 Million Series C Round Powers the Digital Ecosystem

We founded Cloud Elements as the first (and only) integration platform built from the ground up to connect application providers with the apps used by their customers and partners; their digital...

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By Jackie Rebrovic in Enterprise Integration, SaaS Integration, API Industry Trends Posted Feb 27, 2019

Top 8 Integration Marketplaces of 2019

In today's connected world, most technology users expect the applications and software they purchase to "play nice" with the other apps they already use. To keep up with customer demand,...

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By Lauren Jagels in Enterprise Integration, SaaS Integration Posted Feb 18, 2019

Customer Roundtable: Why API Integration Matters

Last week we hosted an insightful roundtable dinner with of few of our customers at Morton's Steakhouse in San Jose, CA. Our fearless leader CEO, Mark Geene, posed a few questions to the group on...

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By David Honan in Product Updates Posted Feb 11, 2019

Workday Integration, simplified & improved!

Looking at the 2018 market share of the top 5 Human Capital Management (HCM) players, Workday is now in the #2 spot just behind SAP, and ahead of ADP, Oracle, and Microsoft (via Linkedin). Thus,...

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By Jackie Rebrovic in Enterprise Integration, SaaS Integration Posted Feb 5, 2019

The Best Alternative to MuleSoft

Are you evaluating MuleSoft as your integration platform provider? Before you decide, read this guide about the best alternative to MuleSoft: Cloud Elements. 

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By Brian Wones in Enterprise Integration, SaaS Integration Posted Jan 4, 2019

How To Guide: Determine Which Integrations to Build

Now that you have your dream team in place and have identified or even built your first integration, you are probably wondering, "what should we build next?" With thousands of SaaS providers in...

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By David Honan in GET/technical Posted Jan 1, 2019


Step 1: Define User Stories [Blog Series]

Product managers are responsible for deciding on which integrations to build into their application to create a “cooperative” experience with the services...

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By Hannah Shain in Customer Story, Enterprise Integration, API Industry Trends Posted Dec 20, 2018

Making Integration a Feature, Not a Pain [PODCAST]

Integration sucks. Most organizations are weighed down by legacy integration patterns and platforms that make it difficult to innovate and impossible to scale. But it doesn't need be this...

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By Monica Peotter in Customer Story, Enterprise Integration Posted Dec 18, 2018

How We Helped SAP Bring External Integration to Market

SAP Cloud Platform, an open platform-as-a-service designed to accelerate digital transformation, partnered with Cloud Elements to expand their external integration offering. With the ability to...

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By Stephen Hanzlik in Product Updates, GET/technical Posted Dec 17, 2018

How to Export Platform Execution Data

For security reasons, Cloud Elements only retains customer execution data for 72 hours. This time window generally works for developing and troubleshooting formulas. But what happens when you want...

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