By Ross Garrett in Product Updates Posted May 16, 2019

Introducing Cloud Elements 3.0: Taking API Integration to the Next Level

I don’t have enough developers to keep up. I can’t rely on IT for all the needs our business has. Sure, every little bit helps. But it’s not enough. Plus, Google, SAP, Microsoft - they all just...

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By Mark Geene in API Industry Trends Posted May 15, 2019

Own Your Digital Ecosystem, or It’ll Own You

It’s one of the most deflating moments for a software business. You’ve poured thousands of hours into building a great product. It works as promised, and you have early customers who believe in...

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By Shelby Switzer in API Industry Trends Posted May 7, 2019

Understanding Application Ecosystems: Healthcare

The healthcare interoperability landscape has been changing rapidly since 2014. While five years may seem like an age in other industries, and spectators from those industries might view “rapidly”...

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By Pete Geoly in API Integration, iPaaS Posted Apr 23, 2019

Get Integrations to Market 8x Faster with Embedded iPaaS

With APIs growing at 30x a year, software executives are struggling to keep up with increasingly complex API requirements as well as expanding application, product and service ecosystems. Faced...

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By Heather McKenzie in Enterprise Integration Posted Apr 19, 2019

The Four Steps to Transforming Financial Services with APIs

The financial services sector has been relatively slow in adopting APIs. However, the move towards open banking – encouraged and in some cases mandated by financial regulators – is driving...

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By Jackie Rebrovic in API Industry Trends Posted Apr 1, 2019

SNEAK PEEK: The 2019 State of API Integration Report Results

Last year, we released the second installment of the industry's leading annual report - The 2018 State of API Integration. The 2018 edition analyzed data from within our API integration platform,...

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By Monica Peotter in SaaS Integration Posted Mar 27, 2019

How-To Price Your API Integrations

Additional revenue created through external API integration offers new growth opportunities for many application providers. However, this presents a new challenge for pricing features that are...

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By Carly Frederick in SaaS Integration, GET/technical Posted Mar 20, 2019

Sync Your Customer's Application Tracking Systems

Does your company struggle to manage all of your internal applications used across your organization, especially as new hires are onboarded and need immediate access? Your employees want to add...

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By David Honan in Product Updates, GET/technical Posted Mar 5, 2019

Introducing the Cloud Elements Community! A new place to share integrations.

One of the most powerful features found within the Cloud Elements integration platform is our Elements. As complete, pre-built cloud integrations in themselves, Elements have all the goods ready...

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By Mark Geene in Life at Cloud Elements, API Industry Trends Posted Mar 1, 2019

Cloud Elements $25 Million Series C Round Powers the Digital Ecosystem

We founded Cloud Elements as the first (and only) integration platform built from the ground up to connect application providers with the apps used by their customers and partners; their digital...

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