Our Top API Integration Blogs of 2016

By McKenzie Fetzer in Product Updates Posted Dec 27, 2016

2016... What a year!

top_blogs_2016_banner-01.pngThe Cloud Elements blog is a resource for developers building integrations and product managers planning their API strategy alike. Check out the 10 most popular blog posts of 2016!
  1. Why JSON Is Better Than XML
  2. Error Handling: RESTful API Design Part III
  3. Best Practices for Defining API Integration User Stories
  4. HTTP Verbs Demystified: PATCH, PUT and POST
  5. Calculating the Cost of API Integration
  6. How to Write “Good” API Documentation
  7. Autotask API Integration: Simplified through a RESTful API
  8. The 10 Step Guide to Designing an API Integration
  9. OAuth 2.0: Access and Refresh Token Guide for Cloud Document Services
  10. 418: I'm a teapot, and other bad API responses - RESTful API Design

And if you are in a reading mood, here are a few of our other favorite posts from this year:

Thanks for reading! And wishing you the best in 2017.