Microsoft Dynamics CRM API Made Easy for the Java Developer

By McKenzie Fetzer in GET/technical Posted Jul 30, 2015

If you don’t work with Microsoft integrations on a regular basis, getting started with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM API can be a daunting process. The Microsoft Dynamics API was really built for the Microsoft developer who is familiar with the .NET framework, Microsoft’s version of Java.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM API

Microsoft Dynamics API BannerWe put together some tips to help app developers who are building Microsoft integrations to their product and CRM System Administrators who are setting up new users from another application. Since there was a big learning curve when we built our integration to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we wanted to pass along some of the tips we learned along the way through our Microsoft Dynamics CRM API Cheat Sheet.

Here are a few of the tips and tricks you will find in the Cheat Sheet:


  • Microsoft Dynamics natively is a SOAP API. Microsoft’s .NET SDK handles the API mechanisms, Authentication and XML Payloads.

Getting Started

  • Microsoft has done a really great job with their developer documentation, so long as you are using the .NET Framework. Once you step outside that realm, support is minimal for anyone not using .NET.

Discover & Select

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM uses the popular objects that most CRMs interact with -- Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities. It also has some aspects that include finance and support -- Invoices, Orders, Cases, Incidents.

Search & Query

  • The Search and Query APIs with Microsoft Dynamics CRM are a little bit challenging; you have to do so using FetchXML. Fetch is a proprietary query language used in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The FetchXML language supports similar query capabilities as query expression; it is a serialized form of query expressions, used to save a query as a user owned saved view in the userquery entity or as an organization owned view in the savedquery entity.

  • A FetchXML query can be executed by using the Fetch method. There are also messages to convert between query expression and FetchXML.

Download the Microsoft Dynamics CRM API Cheat Sheet for even more tips and tricks!

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