Microsoft Convergence: Discover RESTful Microsoft APIs

By McKenzie Fetzer in Product Updates Posted Mar 12, 2015

Microsoft API Integrations According to 451 Research Cloud Elements is the “missing link between API Management and iPaaS” – or more literally, the catalyst for a “convergence” of the two spaces.


Come visit us at Convergence, booth #873 and learn more about our Microsoft integrations!

microsoftdynamics-api-integrations-4The timing of this report lines up perfectly with our preparations for the Microsoft “Convergence” event. This conference is focused on the convergence of business leaders and visionaries, the convergence of Microsoft solutions and Partner Technologies, and the convergence of community and customers.

We’re excited to bring our one-to-many API approach to Microsoft Convergence 2015. After a long battle with SOAP integrations, Cloud Elements now brings all Microsoft’s Cloud Products together under one RESTful umbrella. No longer will you need to go to IT or development with a burdening ask for SOAP integrations. With Cloud Elements approach to uniform API integrations using REST, it’s now easier than ever to integrate to OneNote, Dynamics CRM, Dynamics AX, Dynamics Great Plains, OneDrive and SharePoint.

Our Elements (pre-built API integrations) simplify the way you manage data from the cloud services you use by allowing you to integrate leading Microsoft services in a fraction of the time, with a fraction of the code. Any files, contacts or financial activities your customers, partners or employees store in the cloud can now be integrated seamlessly into your application. Our integrations also manage user access and authentication, API updates, logging and monitoring, all from a consistent platform.

Cloud Elements provides pre-built, REST integrations to the following Microsoft products (*Coming Soon):

Documents Hub:                                  Finance Hub:                                   CRM Hub:

      OneDrive                                    Dynamics Great Plains*                      Dynamics CRM

     SharePoint                                          Dynamics AX*


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