Making Integration a Feature, Not a Pain [PODCAST]

By Hannah Shain in Customer Story, Enterprise Integration, API Industry Trends Posted Dec 20, 2018

Integration sucks. Most organizations are weighed down by legacy integration patterns and platforms that make it difficult to innovate and impossible to scale. But it doesn't need be this difficult, and Cloud Elements is on a mission to turn integration into one of your organization's greatest strengths.

At the 2018 Gartner Applications Strategies & Solutions Summit, our VP of Product, Ross Garrett, joined by Chief Product Officer, Adam Tiberi at Western Union, led a discussion on making integration a feature, not a pain. Tune in to this on-demand podcast to learn how Western Union has partnered with Cloud Elements to build new integrated digital payment experiences that businesses love.


Each API is an Island of Data:

Garrett explains that while there has been explosion of cloud software, increase in 35x from 2014, all of these apps and APIs essentially represent new UNIQUE islands of data. They have different structures, different data models and they don’t work together.

"APIs represent islands of data. They're all different. They've got different data structures, different ways of interacting. They're not built to inherently work together. We need to think differently about how integrations should work as the number of applications we rely upon increases." - Ross Garrett, VP of Product, Cloud Elements (@gssor)


The evolution of integration is being heavily driven by a new wave of expectations: citizen integration. As product owners, we need to own the user experience from your core application to all other integrated applications. Users expect low-code development, that's easier to use. So enable the 1-click integration. 

"Users demand a seamless integration experience. They expect the products they use to work together, without a having to think to hard about it. As IT leaders and as product leaders, we have to rise to that challenge.  Deliver an integration experience that's differentiating."
- Ross Garrett, VP of Product, Cloud Elements (@gssor)

Consider integration a core product feature. Not a pain that users have to endure. 


A Western Union Case Study:

Western Union aimed to transform and digitize the world of international payments - allowing buyers and sellers to optimize cash flow, streamline security and control, and automate payment scheduling, workflows and ERP integration. The changing needs of our SMB led to WU Edge - enabling small businesses to easily transact globally and solving complex challenges like foreign exchange risk.

WU Edge Platform goes one step further to digitally reinvent and transform how Western Union serves their customers. Beyond payment processing, they are digitizing the entire customer journey.

We are not the integration experts. We do not have the expertise or resources to build one-off integrations. We chose to leverage Cloud Elements to accelerate the roll-out of support for leading Account/ERP packages.  - Chief Product Officer, Western Union (@WesternUnion #EDGE)

Want to learn more about our partnership with WU? Click here to view the presentation slides.