Live From Structure Conf 2015: Mark Geene’s Interview on theCUBE

By McKenzie Fetzer in API Industry Trends Posted Dec 1, 2015

Last week our team attended and sponsored the Structure Conference in San Francisco. They were thrilled to meet many thought leaders and innovators in the infrastructure and cloud computing industry. Cloud Elements at Structure ConfRally Ventures, one of Cloud Elements’ investors, recently took over the conference and this was their first year running the show. Jeff Frick, GM & Host of SiliconANGLE’s theCUBE, called it the “rebirth” of Structure.

There were a number of interesting sessions hosted by reputable speakers from companies such as Intel, Google, SAP and Facebook. They spoke on a variety of topics ranging from cloud security to IOT to using containers.

While attending the conference Mark Geene, Cloud Elements’ CEO, had the opportunity to interview with Jeff Frick for theCUBE. They chatted about the API Economy, API Consumption, the background of Cloud Elements, Mark’s vision for the company and 2016 plans. The whole thing was caught on camera for your viewing pleasure.


A few highlights from Mark’s interview:

  • We’re living in the API Economy where everything is well connected; the first generation of developers publishing APIs has been done really really well
  • The next generation is about enabling not only developers, but citizen integrators to consume those APIs
  • The typical enterprise has 15 cloud applications that they are using; even larger enterprises have multi-cloud environments
  • We've reached a tipping point to consume APIs at all layers of the cloud


 Or view the full interview here