Introducing SAP Anywhere API Integration

By Brandi Hererra in Product Updates Posted Dec 29, 2016


SAP Anywhere makes it so business owners can be more efficient and profitable by managing your ecommerce website, CRM, marketing, sales, order management, inventory, and customer service all in one spot. Now, with the Cloud Elements SAP Anywhere API integration, developers can design custom integrations to connect to any of our 120+ pre-built API Integrations.

SAP Anywhere API IntegrationWith our SAP Anywhere API integration you can track store orders, products and more across all of the cloud services you use. Our SAP Anywhere Element allows you to integrate a leading database service into your app in a fraction of the time necessary for custom development.

Elements start with a normalized set of features, including authentication, paging, errors, events and search. If your use case requires an integration or resource we don’t currently offer, it’s simple to add it in using Element Builder.

The SAP Anywhere Element is a collection of resources providing a pre-built integration into a service endpoint. RESTful methods (POST, GET, PUT, PATCH, DELETE) are used to interact with these resources (accounts, contacts, files) regardless of the type of APIs (SOAP or REST) provided by the endpoint.

Here’s an example of how to connect SAP Anywhere to Salesforce:

  1. Set up the endpoint
  2. Call the  GET /elements/sapanywhere/oauth/url with your Salesforce API key and secret
  3. Call the POST /instances API to instantiate your Salesforce connected app

All API calls to Cloud Elements should be made to the base domain. Requests are authorized with an Organization and User secret, as well as, an Element token. We use many standard HTTP features, like HTTP verbs, which can be understood by many HTTP clients. JSON will be returned in all responses from the API, including errors. The APIs are designed to have predictable, straightforward URLs and to use HTTP response codes to indicate API errors.

To learn more about SAP Anywhere Element visit our API Docs.

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