Developers, Deploy Integrations as AWS Lambdas with Element Builder

By Mark Geene in Product Updates Posted Nov 29, 2016

Today, at AWS re:Invent 2016 in Vegas, we are excited to announce that Cloud Elements is the first API Integration Platform to offer the ability for developers to publish and distribute integrations as AWS Lambda Functions using Element Builder. These API-based connectors can then can be consumed in services like the AWS Mobile Hub or the AWS API Gateway.

This revolutionary approach supports a new movement in the industry, and especially the AWS community towards a serverless architecture. The announcement  is game-changing for enterprise developers using the AWS Mobile Hub, the Amazon API Gateway and Lambda Functions as additional connectivity can now be orchestrated by Element Builder.

“Cloud Elements addresses a key challenge by accelerating the publishing of SaaS application APIs as AWS Lambda functions,” said Tim Wagner, General Manager of AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway. “Developers using AWS are looking for ways to combine APIs from a variety of SaaS and software applications into their applications, to support their serverless architecture and scale their code without incurring additional costs to run. With today's release of Element Builder, Cloud Elements offers a simple and useful solution to automate the publishing of API Integrations as Lambda functions."

So what exactly is an AWS Lambda Function?

A compute service that supports serverless architectures or the ability to run code without configuring and managing servers. This is the future direction in application architecture as this approach enables developers to create loosely coupled services that can run independently of each other vs. more traditional monolithic architectures that have dependencies across the various services. AWS Lambda Functions are a leading serverless compute platform in which Functions can be published and executed as microservices.


Which Elements have been published as AWS Lambdas?

Developers can deploy, clone or modify 80+ connectors, from our Elements catalog, as an AWS Lambda function. Additionally, any new connectors built by Element Builder will also be able to produce a Lambda Function.  


What does the future of API distribution look like?

This announcement with AWS is the first step in realizing Cloud Elements’ vision of becoming a distribution platform for APIs.  Looking ahead, we plan to offer an additional distribution ability once an Element is built; the option to distribute the Element as a connector into leading API connector marketplaces, first starting with AWS.

“We’re moving beyond making the world of APIs work together as the leading API Integration Platform, and pioneering the first open serverless API distribution platform,” said Cloud Elements CEO, Mark Geene. “API Distribution is an exciting new space for us to innovate in, as we will empower our users to not only publish their APIs into our catalog of integrations, but then distribute their API into a number of marketplaces taking the one-to-many approach to a new level. We are not only changing how APIs are being published, but also being distributed, starting with the world’s leading serverless architecture and the Amazon AWS Marketplace.”


If you’re attending AWS re:Invent, stop by our “Integration Lab” at booth #2744 to experiment with Element Builder and output AWS Lambda Functions.

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