Integrate Mailjet With The Shopify API: Dream Use Cases For Marketers

By McKenzie Fetzer in GET/technical Posted May 5, 2015

Mailjet-blog1-banner-01This blog is the first in a three part use case series with Mailjet, a cloud email marketing service we are excited to welcome into our Marketing and Messaging Hubs. In this series, we will showcase three ways to use external integrations to make the most out of your Mailjet account.

In today’s digital world, marketers want the services they use to interact seamlessly, especially when it comes to two of the most valuable tools they use: email marketing and ecommerce. Their ecommerce site is the crux of their business, while email marketing enables them to communicate with their visitors and customers, making the purchasing process smoother and more enjoyable. So how can an email service, like Mailjet, integrate with an ecommerce site, like Shopify, to add value for customers? Good thing you asked. We have a few ideas…


Transaction Emails - MailjetTransactional emails ensure that critical messages based on activities in the ecommerce site get to the client, such as purchase confirmations, forgotten passwords, thank you’s and more. Mailjet allows marketers to set up these emails that help day-to-day business run like a well-oiled machine. Transactional emails may not seem like a big deal to the client, but they greatly affect the customer experience and the company relies on these messages being delivered. Being able to create beautiful, reliable emails that you know will delight the customer is a weight off of your shoulders when you integrate to an email marketing or marketing automation service, like Mailjet.


When integrated with an ecommerce site, email marketing services can send triggered emails that will be sent when the visitor does (or doesn’t do) a specific action. For example:

  • Send internal notifications to your employees when an order has been placed or updated in Shopify.
  • Schedule monthly emails based on new or updated contact information (like birthday or anniversary dates).
  • Remind visitors of items they left un-purchased in their Shopify shopping cart. Leave no shopping cart unturned!!

For more information on setting up events (through webhooks) check out the Cloud Elements Event Management documentation or learn how to setup Shopify events.

Triggered Emails



A very important part of any marketing automation service is bulk emails. When using email marketing with an ecommerce site, marketers can use bulk emails to send an email to everyone in their database, or even better, create a segmented list to target the perfect group of contacts. Here are a few ideas:

  • When your site is about to have a huge sale, send an email out to your database of customers.
  • Send a message to everyone who has purchased a certain item and let them know that it is available in a new color.
  • Or send an event invitation to everyone in a specific city.

Think some of these use cases would be valuable for your business? Sign up for a free Mailjet account today and take advantage of their all-in-one email delivery engine to send both marketing and transactional emails.

Cloud Elements is excited to offer an integration to Mailjet in our Marketing and Messaging Hubs, allowing functionality for both marketing and transactional emails. Using Cloud Elements’ integrations to Mailjet and leading ecommerce services will make these use cases a breeze for developers. Learn how to up an instance here.