Employee Management & Time Card Software Integration with Square API

By Brandi Hererra in Product Updates Posted Dec 4, 2017

Square is an Employee Management & Time Card Software that makes payments, payroll and employee management easy. Square is everything you need in one spot; keep track of your sales, employees, inventory, and customers all right in your Square Dashboard. Instantly reconcile tips and commissions at the end of the shift, edit hours anywhere and transfer them to Square Payroll with built-in timecards and give different employees different levels of access to your Dashboard.  

Square API

Our Square integration is a part of the Employee Hub, a uniform API to connect to the leading employee management software like Revel SystemsTrack roles, timesheets, employees and more across all of the cloud employee management services you use.

Each Element starts with a normalized set of features, including: authentication, paging, errors, events and search. We make it easy to add in your own custom features if we haven’t yet built a feature that you need. Using our Elements saves you time and money over building integrations from scratch and makes it easy to share data between all of the cloud services you use.

Refer to our API Docs for a deeper drive in authentication, paging, errors, events and search.

Element details:

Element Information Details
API Documentation Square API Documentation
Authentication OAuth 2.0
Events Polling
Bulk Supported for both upload and download.
Transformations Supported. See Define Common Resources and Transformations for more information about transforming your Square data.

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