The Next Generation of App Integration: Building Cooperative Apps

By Mark Geene in GET/technical Posted Jun 17, 2014

The age of “Cooperative Applications” has arrived. Cooperative Apps can instantly share data with other applications in the cloud, without placing an integration burden on the business or user who purchased the app. They work seamlessly with the other apps that fit within their solution space. The alternative, Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS), was designed in a different time to solve a different problem and wasn’t originally designed to meet the needs of developers building SaaS applications.

First generation integration services, such as Enterprise Service Buses (ESBs), place the “Integration Burden” squarely on the shoulders of the IT organization. Since applications haven’t traditionally cooperated well with each other, IT has been forced to implement very costly and expensive integration products such as Enterprise Service Buses (ESBs) and first generation iPaaS services. The ESB industry served a need when on-premise application dinosaurs ruled the software world; but they will face the same fate as the on-premise applications they were originally developed to serve.


The next generation integration service enables application developers to build and deliver apps that instantly cooperate with each other.  A “cooperative app” works seamlessly with data that is mastered in other systems. It connects to customer data from CRM systems, lead data from Marketing Automation systems and files and documents from Box, Dropbox or any of the leading cloud storage services.

Apps that “play nice” with other apps will move from preferred, to required as IT organizations, and increasingly Line-of-Business Decision Makers, will only select Apps that fit with the other applications they are using. The “Integration Burden” will strongly shift from the enterprise to the app developer, and going forward, apps that don’t easily cooperate with other apps won’t survive.

The Cloud Elements’ mission is to accelerate the age of the Cooperative App. To enable anyone who is building an application to deliver Cooperative Apps, from day one, by making it easy to connect their app with all of the cloud services their customers are using. With our “One-to-Many” approach to integration, we are making it more cost effective than ever before to engage your app in cooperating with entire categories of services that are used by your customers: CRMFinanceMarketingDocumentsHelp Desk and beyond.

Our goal is to move beyond integration to cooperation by delivering a robust ecosystem of application connections to anyone who is developing an application from startup to enterprise. We are excited to see where the next generation of integration service will take us.

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