API Cheat Sheets: The Instagram Platform API

By Vivek Ravishankar in GET/technical Posted Nov 7, 2017

Working on integrating the Instagram API? Check out our new cheat sheet, and kick start the process!


Our team has put together API integration guides for popular integrations. These cheat sheets contain tips and tricks for developers who are looking to integrate with these unique APIs. We know that builiding integrations can be hard, especially when requests, objects, and error codes aren't standardized. We're excited to launch our cheat sheet to help you get familiar with the first steps of integrating the Instagram API.


The Instagram Platform API is a RESTful API that is open to all developers. One important thing to note about Instagram is that it has two APIs; the Platform API and the Graph API. The Platform API is meant for smaller use cases and works with standard Instagram user accounts. The Graph API was released in Summer 2017 for use with Instagram business accounts. Our cheat sheet covers the Instagram Platform API.

IN THE Cheat Sheet:

  • API Basics
  • Authentication Overview
  • API Access & Limitations
  • Endpoints and Eventing

To get the Instagram Platform API tips and tricks, download the cheat sheet!

Download the Cheat Sheet

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