Inspirato Goes Mobile with APIs

By Hannah Shain in SaaS Integration Posted Sep 24, 2015

Inspirato with American Express partnered with Cloud Elements to transform their mobile app by designing a composite of REST APIs. They are upleveling their luxury customer experience from booking on the mobile app to the actual travel and vacation. Inspirato is more than a company name. It’s Italian for being inspired. And at Inspirato that serves as a reminder to travel well and live an inspired life. Over at Cloud Elements, we’re feeling most inspired by the Inspirato app development.

Inspirato-1Inspirato’s prior monolithic app, fondly remembered as “the spreadsheet,” inhibited the number of residences that could be added per month, thus inhibiting the number of new memberships. During these spreadsheet days, Inspirato was only able to increase the number of new properties managed per month by a limited and incremental amount.

In early 2015 Inspirato threw an office party in celebration of the death of the spreadsheet. The primary objective of partnering with Cloud Elements was to aggregate all the property data into one centralized location. With the new centralized app, run on APIs and integrations, the rate of property acquisition grew significantly.

The API integrations moved us into the iOS (iPhone and iPad) mobile application space. “It would not have been possible to create a mobile app without the Cloud Elements API integrations. That is unless we exposed our own API directly, but that would have been a much bigger effort. We’ve saved a tremendous amount of developer time by sticking integrations between our custom application and” shares Adam Bauman, Vice President of Technology, Inspirato.

He continues, “One really specific, and exciting success we’ve seen, is the ease in creating trip proposals for our members. Our teams have access to up-to-date information and are able to share and sync data at the same time. The time is takes to create a trip proposal has been cut in half, at least!”

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