Up Your Marketing Game With Our New iContact API Integration

By Vivek Ravishankar in Product Updates Posted Sep 25, 2017

iContact is an email marketing and marketing automation platform focused on small and medium sized businesses. iContact helps users nurture leads intelligently by creating personalized campaigns for each contact within a list. Users can also create individualized landing pages, advanced workflows, and analytics reports to make sure that their messaging is always being delivered to the right person at the right time.


Now, with Cloud Elements’ iContact Element, you can quickly access all of the most important data in iContact via standardized, RESTful APIs. The iContact Element is available through our Marketing Hub, a collection of uniform REST APIs that connect all of the most popular marketing automation platforms including Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, and many, many more.

marketing-hub-web-new.pngOnce you use Cloud Elements to integrate the iContact API , you can update, post, export, and delete data in iContact directly from your connected application. Additionally, by integrating using our uniform Marketing Hub API, all of your objects will automatically be standardized, making it easy to share data among all of the marketing apps that you've integrated using Cloud Elements.

To try building an iContact integration for free, log into Cloud Elements and follow the instructions in our iContact Element documentation

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