How We Helped SAP Bring External Integration to Market

By Monica Peotter in Customer Story, Enterprise Integration Posted Dec 18, 2018

SAP Cloud Platform, an open platform-as-a-service designed to accelerate digital transformation, partnered with Cloud Elements to expand their external integration offering. With the ability to connect out of the box with 150 application systems, SAP is fully integrating Cloud Elements into their platform as SAP Open Connectors.

We had a chance to sit down with Dan Lahl, VP of Product Marketing of SAP to get his perspective on how Cloud Elements helped SAP Cloud Platform bring external integration to market.

"SAP traditionally has not built external integrations, and that is something we just had missed the ball on, quite frankly. So we went out and looked at a number of different technologies and we found that Cloud Elements had all the pieces we needed." 

- Dan Lahl, Global Vice President of Product Marketing, SAP

In a recent article on TechTarget, Lahl discussed how SAP Cloud Platform is well suited to work with non-SAP apps. SAP open cloud connectors enable customers to hook up different applications. According to Lahl, SAP understands that it can't just compete in an SAP universe -- it must be able to connect to other vendors' platforms. .. Lahl said SAP is trying to make it as easy as possible for customers to live in a mixed cloud environment that requires integration between different cloud platforms and applications. "Two years ago, that would not have been expected from SAP." *

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*(SOURCE: How Good is SAP Cloud Platform Integration with non-SAP Apps, TechTarget, December 2018)