How-to Integrate HubSpot CRM with REST APIs

By Caleb Geene in Product Updates Posted Sep 23, 2015

HubSpot CRM is a flexible and intuitive solution to manage prospects and sales pipelines. Offered as a free product by HubSpot, HubSpot CRM works seamlessly within the native marketing automation system, sharing a uniform database of contacts. Finally! CRM and Marketing all in one happy home.

We are excited to announce that the HubSpot CRM API integration is now available through our Elements Catalog. The HubSpot CRM Element is a REST API integration, allowing you to connect your app directly to HubSpot CRM in order to share and sync important lead and contact data. With the HubSpot CRM Element you’ll be building the integration at a fraction of the time necessary for custom development.

Important API Information:

All of HubSpot’s APIs are REST. HubSpot’s APIs use standard HTTP verbs & features. All responses are returned in JSON including errors. Although they use JSON, Hubspot’s JSON structure for their objects is very complicated. Cloud Elements works to flatten these objects to make them more easily accessible and readable. We also offer transformation APIs to further assist in simplifying the JSON structure.

When integrating with the HubSpot APIs, it is important to note that there is little standardization between HubSpot's APIs. For instance some APIs support pagination, some do not. Many of the HubSpot APIs have a weird quirk.
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HubSpot Bulk Loader:

Along with the recent release of the HubSpot CRM Element, we have launched a brand new platform feature called Element Loader. HubSpot has adopted Element Loader into the HubSpot CRM on-boarding process, embedding the UI into their CRM and calling it HubSpot Bulk Loader. HubSpot Bulk Loader is a data migration tool to import, export and synchronize data on an ongoing basis. The HubSpot CRM Element was built to help people move data from the CRM’s they are currently using to the HubSpot CRM through Bulk Loader. To see Bulk Loader in action visit


Before you migrate your CRM data into HubSpot CRM, be sure to review our CRM Packing List for tips on how to tidy up your data before the move.
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