DoubleDutch Delivers New Integration in Under 1 Month

By Monica Peotter in SaaS Integration, API Industry Trends Posted Nov 14, 2018

DoubleDutch is a mobile event application for marketers and event organizers to use during conferences to help drive attendee engagement. According to DoubleDutch, the average Fortune 500 company runs more than 1000+ live events per year, and the different tasks—getting registrants to attend, keeping attendees engaged, tracking event success—across all of those events are critical. DoubleDutch helps power the event app, registration, and engagement along the way.


When it comes to data integration, DoubleDutch knew there was an opportunity to take all of the information collected in event applications and push it into the systems of record of their clients. This is where they saw a huge need for CRM and Marketing integrations, thus a partnership with Cloud Elements.

We had a chance to sit down with Kasper Jeppesen, CTO of DoubleDutch, to get his perspective on how Cloud Elements helped DoubleDutch bring new integrations to market in under a month:




“When we chose to work with Cloud Elements, we had three customers [asking for integration] within a 3-4 week deadline. With the support of the Cloud Elements engineering and sales team, we were able deliver all the integrations that we needed in under a month.

- Kasper Jeppesen, CTO, DoubleDutch

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