The Mode of More - How Businesses Need to React to the Increase in Demand for API Integrations

By Jackie Rebrovic in API Industry Trends Posted Jul 2, 2019

In April we released the third edition of our annual industry report: The State of API Integration 2019. This year we continued to expand our global research by collecting data from 350 API enthusiasts, in over 20 distinct industries, with annual revenues ranging from less than $100,000 to over $25 billion. One trend that we have recognized is the "Mode of More" - meaning there are now more apps, more integrations, and more APIs.

For example, organizations are planning to build more integrations in-house in 2019 compared to 2018. And with more apps, integrations, and APIs come more challenges but also more opportunities.

Companies are building more integrations in 2019

API Days Founder and State of API Integration Report contributor, Mehdi Medjaoui, shares his insights on how companies are adjusting to the "Mode of More" with this increase in demand.

This increase for API integrations has been created by the growth of companies building more products with APIs that each have unique requirements. Curious to see what kind of products companies are building with APIs in 2019? B2B products sits at #1:

Building products with APIs

How Companies Are Keeping Up with Demand

Companies are taking different approaches to serve this demand for API integrations. The best approach for your organization is to first, internally understand what API Management is for your own client demand. Companies now need to produce more API integrations and services that meet specific requirements and then deliver those in the right interface. Therefore, companies must adopt an API-first mindset and culture internally.

To keep up with demand, companies must adopt an API-first mindset and culture internally.

-Mehdi Medjaoui

In terms of integrations, a holistic strategy is paramount. It's crucial for companies to decide what internal services they want to integrate and what they should they build on top of third party applications. The internal integration strategy goes hand-in-hand with IT procurement while the external integration strategy is public-facing, providing exposure to partners and customers. In reacting to this increase need for APIs, your integration strategy all starts with the internal shift to an API-first culture. Then the integration strategy is supported by selecting the proper tooling that fits your integration use case.

The Steps for Success in the "Mode of More" Era

In the "Mode of More" era, it's important for companies to take the following steps:

  • Adopt an API-first mindset and culture
  • Understand your internal API management layer
  • Determine what you internal applications need integration
  • Determine what you will expose to clients and partners
  • Build a holistic integration strategy that supports both your internal and external use cases

To dive deeper into how you can thrive in the "Mode of More" era and the 2019 State of API Integration report, watch the webinar on demand by clicking below.

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