Go-to-Market Strategies for Your Product's API Integrations

By McKenzie Fetzer in SaaS Integration, API Industry Trends Posted Feb 22, 2018

So, you built an embedded API integration to an app that your customers have been requesting. It was a significant commitment for your product roadmap, and now you need that integration to be successful. Time to develop a marketing strategy that drives adoption, increases revenue and upsell opportunities, and boosts the happiness of current customers.

We’ve collected best-in-class examples of how to develop a go-to-market strategy to make your integrations a successful addition to your product. These marketing ideas are organized by level of effort or by where your company is in building out an integration strategy.

*Full-disclosure* some of the integrations in these examples are powered by Cloud Elements (but we won’t tell you who)! See how more white-labeled integrations run on Cloud Elements’ Platform.

Getting Started

Here are a few easy-to-implement ideas for marketing your new integration!

Intercom: Instagram Sponsored Ads 

Intercom + Slack integration

Intercom created simple and to-the-point Instagram ads promoting their Slack integration to current users. Instagram ads are a great way to get in front of your users on one of the most popular social media platforms.

According to Sprout Social, Instagram has more than 800 million monthly active users, which is more than double the monthly active users of Twitter and three times as many users on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. There is a good chance that your product’s users are scrolling through their Instagram feed on a daily basis!


PactSafe: Blog Post

To promote their growing list of integrations, PactSafe wrote a fun blog post explaining WHY they are prioritizing building integrations into their product. 

PactSafe integration blog

“Powering that transferability between all those different contexts are integrations. Integrations are part of how PactSafe reduces the friction from senders to receivers and maintain the different contexts for each. They give our customers the ability to meet people where they already are, reducing the mental burden of signatures for everyone involved,” writes PactSafe Marketing Manager, Caitie Parten.


Wistia: Email Promo

Wistia + Trello Integration

Wistia sent out this clean email promotion to announce the availability of their integration with Trello. The email offers a quick overview of the integration and points to a blog post that goes into more detail about “what this means for Wistia and Trello users”.



Maybe this isn’t your first integration rodeo, but you’re always looking for new ways to drive adoption of your embedded integrations. Check out these examples from product and marketing teams that are taking their API integration marketing to the next level.


Concur: Plain-Text Email

Concur + Quickbooks email
Concur + Quickbooks Integration

Concur took a more personal approach to the integration promotion email. This plain-text email offers a one-on-one phone call to discuss how their newly released QuickBooks integration could save an accounting team time and money. The email also points to a webpage dedicated to their comprehensive QuickBooks integration.


Typeform: Email + In-App Promo

Typeform sent out a creative email promoting their embedded integration with MailChimp (side note: peanut butter and chocolate is always a win).

Typeform + mailchimp email

Typeform + Mailchimp Integration

But Typeform took it to the next level by also promoting the integration to their users in-app. This call-to-action banner appeared in the ‘Configure’ step of creating a survey in Typeform. This reminds users that they can save time by connecting to the other apps they already use to store contact data.

Typeform + MailChimp integration



Advanced Users Only!

These tips are for experienced product and marketing teams only! Just kidding- but these next few examples ARE from companies who offer tons of integrations and are really making integrations a priority in their marketing strategies.


FullContact: Product Update Email

FullContact API Integration Promotion


FullContact offers an extensive catalog of integrations branded as “360º Customer Insights: Strengthen Your Relationships with FullContact Data Enrichment”. Updates to their integration offerings are outlined in their monthly product updates and announcements newsletters.

This shows that their product team takes pride in the embedded integrations they offer and wants to highlight this investment they’ve made for their customers. We also love their fun integration email graphics.




 Asana: Animated Email 

Screenshot 2018-02-21 09.41.47Asana’s marketing is #goals in general, but their integration marketing strategies really hit the mark. This email with an animated .GIF highlighting their most popular integrations caught our attention.

The email points back to their beautifully-designed app integration directory, offering 80+ integrations. An Asana user’s dream come true.


HubSpot: Product Roundup Email

HubSpot, being a market-leading marketing automation platform, obviously tops the list for how to build an API integration marketing strategy.

HubSpot Integration Marketplace

Their product team includes updates to their integration marketplace, HubSpot Connect, in their monthly ‘Product Roundup’ customer newsletter. HubSpot has invested tons of time building out their partner integration and in-house integration strategies. Their platform is super connected, making marketers (and their data) everywhere very happy.


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