Get Integrations to Market 8x Faster with Embedded iPaaS

By Pete Geoly in API Integration, iPaaS Posted Apr 23, 2019

With APIs growing at 30x a year, software executives are struggling to keep up with increasingly complex API requirements as well as expanding application, product and service ecosystems. Faced with this world of connected things, understanding how API integration capabilities can help you take control of your application ecosystem and position your platform as a competitive advantage.

Integration platform as a service (iPaaS) helps you connect applications and data with internal and external products and services. Embedding iPaaS allows your customers and integration partners to interact with your APIs as if you built the platform in-house.

What are the Embedded iPaaS strategies to consider?

While one size does not necessarily meet everyone’s needs, making good decisions can help you avoid implementing expensive, hard to maintain platforms that go out of date quickly and don’t provide a great user experience. The four alternatives for standing up embedded iPaaS are:

  1. Build your own
  2. Refer to a 3rd party
  3. Resell an iPaaS
  4. Embed iPaaS

Moving to Embedded iPaaS can save you time building and maintaining integrations and managing partner relationships. Also, you get the benefit of managing your application ecosystem more closely and branding the integrations as your own.

Seamlessly embedding your existing products with an API integration platform.

In addition to understanding your capabilities, answering the following questions will help you define your integration outcomes.

  1. Does it ease development complexities?
  2. Does it make integration to cloud services simpler and more reliable?
  3. Does it eliminate complex, legacy point-to-point custom data models?
  4. Can I brand it as my own service?

If you are or aspire to be a platform provider, embedding integration capabilities directly into your application allows you to own the user experience and improve customer stickiness.

Need more details about Embedded iPaas? Read the strategy brief!

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