For the Love of Cloud Elements

By Brandi Hererra in Life at Cloud Elements Posted Dec 20, 2016

Here at Cloud Elements we really love our jobs (and integrations) but why do we love Cloud Elements so much? Maybe it’s the ski days, unlimited vacation, office lunches, dog friendly- office, endless snacks (our favorites are gummy bears & breakfast burritos), mid-day ping pong competitions, beer (yes, on tap), or maybe just the excitement and energy we bring together for the sake of giving our customers the best API Integrations.

For the second year in a row, we we’re named on Outside Magazine’s “Best Places to Work”  and all credit is due to our core values created by Mark Geene, CEO & Co-Founder.



Hannah Shain explains how Cloud Elements won her heart, “our leadership team and even more specifically Mark, our CEO. Mark’s vision for our industry, his passion for hyper-growth tech companies, and his pride in our company’s success, won me over from the beginning.”

The overall consensus of why we love Cloud Elements so much is pretty simple; the people, the dogs, and the product. When everyone believes in what we’re providing to our customers it’s easy to build a workplace that is enjoyable. We stand behind our product because it solves a very common problem developers face in an intuitive way, whether if it’s for billion dollar corporations, startups or anything in between.

Natalie Kerns, started here as an intern two years ago and has grown with the company, she explains why she loves it here.  “I love Cloud Elements for many reasons. A big one is that, when I meet people and explain what we do, their reaction is priceless. Our product is super relevant. Also the conversation is relevant regardless of whom you're talking to-- CEOs care about fast growth; integrations are key, Product Managers care about streamlining resources and accelerating projects; our platform is a major accelerator. And sales teams can sell more when they offer with more integrations.”
The Cloud Elements culture manifests within. We truly love integrating and the people, and dogs, we do it with.