Expanding to Europe and Strategic Global Alliances

By Hannah Shain in Enterprise Integration Posted Aug 3, 2018

This week we announced two new hires: Ian Currie Vice President of EMEA , and Dee Shorten Vice President of Channel Alliances. Strengthening the leadership team, Currie and Shorten will drive growth in the enterprise segment while speeding European expansion and supporting Global SIs and strategic alliances.

Cloud Elements Europe Global Alliances

“We’re thrilled to add Ian and Dee to the Cloud Elements team. As we look towards the future of API integration, hiring these great leaders will be invaluable to building a global enterprise customer base.

Mark Geene, CEO and Founder, Cloud Elements.

With strategic moves in the API Management and iPaaS industry, such as the MuleSoft and Scribe acquisitions, it seems like everyone is buzzing with excitement around software integration. So much so, that there's quite a bit of speculation around what’s next for the tech giants that acquired them. Gartner has estimated the enterprise iPaaS market to be growing at least 60 percent per year. Cloud Elements has exceeded this estimate by growing 636 percent in just over two years.

On the heels of our own recent partnership with SAP, Cloud Elements works to take cloud integration to a new level. Shorten shares, “Having seen Cloud Elements strike a partnership with SAP, I realized this was a company bringing much needed disruption to the cloud integration and iPaaS market.”



And looking onto Europe, we're aiming to capture even more growth and significance in 2019 revenue. We already have a strong list of current customers in Europe, including Falcon.io, CustomerGauge, Western Union, Axway, Sage, Akkroo, IBM, SAP and TotalJobs.

Check out our customer story with TotalJobs

TotalJobs, based in the United Kingdom, is one of the largest and fastest growing online recruitment businesses in the UK and a top 10 player in its sector worldwide. Thanks to their work with Cloud Elements, Totaljobs was able to “successfully remove one of the biggest barriers of applying for a job on a mobile device.”

TotalJobs Resume Integration

By connecting to end users document storage accounts (Box, Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive), applicants can find, access and upload a CV while on a mobile device.

“Cloud Elements was not only a strong contender in helping us normalize the cloud service APIs to a wide array of providers, they were the only solution we found that allowed us to keep our data and processing in the EU, mitigating some of our company privacy concerns”

John Cheung, Managing Senior Developer.

“Especially following our OEM partnership with SAP, having an EMEA presence and a proven channel partners savant will enable us to drive success with enterprises, and accelerate our growth plans,” quoted from our fearless leader, Mark Geene. Keep an eye on the moves we are making to see where the industry of integration is headed.