Developer Tricks for the Marketo API Integration

By Monica Peotter in GET/technical Posted Mar 19, 2015

Integrating with the Marketo API can bring much needed simplicity for users who want their cloud technologies to work together. Marketo Inc. is a leading marketing automation software for companies to tackle common needs including: email, social, analytics and lead management.

Marketo API Integration

As your company’s product or application is generating customer data, you’ll find that a seamless integration to Marketo will solve many redundancies in your (or your customer’s) processes.

Are you thinking: easier said than done? Well not so fast. Here’s a few helpful tips as you begin to integrate with the Marketo API:


– Marketo uses a modified version of OAuth 2.0.
– Basic provisioning with username and password; share this info with your dev or give them their own login.
– You will need four items to provision a Marketo instance: Client ID, client secret, identity service URL and REST service URL.
– Refresh tokens usually last for about an hour.

Helpful Hint: OAuth 2.0 is not standard, as the flow form redirect URLs for logins is not implemented by Marketo.

Custom Data:

– Custom data is supported with SOAP APIs as there is not full access to CRUDs on campaigns or lists.
– All new releases are being done on REST APIs but there is no CRUDs access yet except on leads.


– Bulk uploads are available, however bulk downloads are not. The limitation with batch processing means you cannot access a full list of activities for one individual lead. You can access all of the activities together but then you will have to map each activity to each lead.

Marketo-cheat-sheet-teaser-e1424977483222-3Get the Cheat Sheet: 

The Marketo API provides a powerful way for marketers to nurture and understand their leads. Our new Marketo cheat sheet provides quick and easy tips to get started with the Marketo API and connect your application to Marketo.

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