December ‘20 Release Recap

By Brian Busch in Product Updates Posted Dec 7, 2020

No one likes waiting when there’s a new feature ready that could make your life easier. So, we’re offering a quick rundown of the latest platform updates (and Dec. releases) to make sure that every developer using Cloud Elements can take advantage of new functionality.

cloud elements december 2020 product update

Developers Love Standardized Authentication

We announced standardized authentication just over a month ago and while it’s still in beta (contact your account manager to learn more), the feedback is already positive:

"We were able to address 3 different systems without having to worry about any of the auth details or having to build out UI components. This helped us move through our POC in hours instead of days." - Application Developer

By giving you an OAuth 2.0 framework for any native API that uses a different auth mechanism, Cloud Elements gives you one generic API call to authenticate users to any service, avoid the IF/ THEN/ ELSE… logic in your code, and we even offer a customizable login UI so you don’t have to bother the front-end teams with another ask.

Step Debugging in Formulas Gets More Useful Additions

Those of you who joined our product update webinars this past year (March and July) have heard about our work on dedicated logging and debugging features to help you refine and deploy complex orchestration flows more easily.

"I like that you can see it side-by-side. It's just right here!" - Integration Engineer

Our UX team has been hard at work connecting with users like you to make the debugging panel more useful and intuitive. As with good UX, the changes are both too many and too small to recap them all here, but if you haven’t clicked into Formulas in a bit, we suggest you take a look. More, if you have some time around the holidays, we’d love to get your feedback (let us know at 

Templated Content (i.e. API Aggregation) For B2B Payments and Reconciliation

In the past, Cloud Elements worked to simplify connectivity and make API consumption easier. Over time we’ve built enough customer experience with key use cases (ex. mass vendor payments and reconciliation, applicant-to-hire candidate onboarding, etc…) that we’ve now built that knowledge of the target applications themselves into our platform via pre-built VDRs, automapping, and Formula templates.

The result for you: while Cloud Elements remains foundational tooling for embedded integration, we now also offer API aggregation on top - you’ll get one set of generic API calls for a use case, like payments, that will work for any target application built into the templates (for payments that means QuickBooks, FreshBooks, MSFT Business Central, and NetSuite out-of-the-box).

The beauty of our approach—with our VDR templates & automapping (versus only generic API calls like you see with pure-play API aggregators), you can customize and adapt the integrations quickly if you have unique needs you’re solving for or start with the pre-packaged calls and data in hours (instead of days or weeks).

automapperAutomapper in action.

VDR templatesVDR templates get you started faster.


To see how this could help you deploy integrations faster, get a demo or contact your account rep.

VDR v2 Changes in the UI and Docs

We’ve had great feedback on the updates to VDRs that we launched earlier this year. And we’ve continued to improve the VDR v2 engine with templated integration content and automapping functionality to streamline the developer experience for common use cases.

In addition to what’s mentioned above, we’ve updated the VDR v2 documentation and made it much easier to share VDRs and manage shared VDR edits via enhanced permissions. Most importantly, you’ll see changes to the VDR UI including easier instance selection, suggestions in the object selector, and new screen visuals. You’ll see these in staging Dec. 7th and in production about a week later.

fast data mappingCreate new data mappings faster, or use our templates to start!


New DocuSign Element

We’re excited to have worked closely with DocuSign to build an updated Element that provides access to recently released features and enhancements. Don’t miss out on giving your users full DocuSign functionality via your integration with the new Element.

Other Highlights

  • The Sydney data center is live for customers who need enhanced latency or have elevated data privacy needs in the APAC region.
  • Deeper integration with your CI/CD pipeline via the updated ‘Doctor’ UI (more here)
  • Updates to Bulk v3, the SAP B1 Elements, and instance validation in Cloud Elements

Want to learn more/see some of these additions in action? Schedule a demo.

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