A Culture Series: #DayOfAnElement - Cayla's Day as a Business Dev Rep

By Cayla Shortley in Life at Cloud Elements Posted Nov 17, 2017

There are many aspects to consider when choosing your next career path. Proofing your resume, gathering recommendations, and seeking out new opportunities will bring you a fresh curiosity. It is a road filled with benchmarks and a lot of time spent on LinkedIn. However, the day comes when your applications are accepted and interviews start. Process of elimination or building pro/con lists are consumed by the copious amounts of questions you have when determining your future.


Cloud Elements' process was seamless, much like their integration platform. Walking into the INDUSTRY Building for the first time I was blown away by the creative environment. After a conversational interview, my future manager introduced me to the teams. I read reviews of how hard-working these people are but was far more impressed when seeing their work ethic in person. After a few more interviews, and many of my questions being answered, I accepted their offer to join the team.

Cloud Elements Sales Den

If I could narrow in on one of the best parts about working here, it’s the opportunity to learn. I have new questions that pop up everyday and I can always turn to a team member for help. And the sense of team should really be described as family. We sincerely care about the lives of our colleagues. Taking time and sitting with each other at lunch, building culture with our Cloudie Teams, and out-of-office adventures like our monthly hike days are a few ways we like to get to know each other.

Cloud Elements is a Series B startup. Nestled between a few years of growth, this company has an impressive future. Being a part of the building blocks is one of my favorite parts about coming to work. Every department is a well-oiled engine working uninterrupted on the goal they have in front of them.

Humility is a key trait when looking at leadershipteams as well. Michael Bloomberg sat easily accessible to his employees when working in theprivate sector and continued that tradition when he moved to City Hall. His reason was toencourage employees, regardless of rank to approach him with ideas and questions. Our entire leadership team at Cloud Elements does this and it gives thewhole company a sense of confidence to ask questions to those who lead us.

To be frank, there are a lot of perks so it’s difficult to choose just a few to highlight. My favorite perks are the catered lunches, the dogs and puppies who interrupt you briefly for attention, the option to work from anywhere inspiration strikes you, and the people who make coming in every day such a joy.





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