A Culture Series: #DayOfAnElement - Josh’s Day in Engineering

By Josh Wyse in Life at Cloud Elements Posted Jan 24, 2018

 My name is Josh, and I'm the Director of Engineering at Cloud Elements. I have been with Cloud Elements for about four and a half years, and have loved every moment of it.

Day in the Life at Cloud Elements

When I joined as a Software Engineer back in 2014, the main thing that attracted me was the technology. But now, as I reflect on the last 4+ years in engineering at Cloud Elements, I could talk about how much we've grown, and how we now process 10,000,000+ API calls/day. Or I could talk about our exciting new UI architecture, built in React/Redux. Or how we've broken up many pieces of our monolithic back-end app into microservices that are deployed in AWS via Docker/Kubernetes, in order to allow us to auto-scale and be able to handle our ever-increasing traffic. 

Or, I could focus on the amazing perks at Cloud Elements: about our free lunches 3x/week, or the hike/ski days once/month. Or about our "freedom, flexibility, responsibility" core value, which allows me, as a big trail/ultra runner, to not have to be pinned to my desk from 9-5 every day, but instead to be able to take a midday break to go cruise some mountain trails. We hire people who want to work hard and take pride and ownership in their work, so nobody needs to be micromanaged to ensure they're getting their work done.

But, I was given a 500-word limit from marketing 😀, and I've already wasted most of those words referring to things I "could talk about," so I'll keep the rest of this focused on what is, without a doubt, my favorite thing about Cloud Elements: the people. 

From department to department - we have created a team of incredibly intelligent, hardworking, passionate people. These are people who work extremely hard in order to help us continue to grow at a rapid pace. These are people who constantly push me to learn, and challenge my ideas, in order for us to come up with the best product. On the engineering side specifically, these are people who are both incredibly knowledgeable, while also being pragmatic and strategic about iterating to success, and consistently delivering value to our customers. For me, personally - these are people who have mentored and coached me in transitioning from a pure individual contributor, into a leader and manager. These are people who have taught me how to passionately debate, and constructively argue, not to prove that "I'm right", but for us to end up developing the best overall product possible. So why am I wasting my meager 500 words to talk about people?

Being involved in the startup community, and being a software engineer, it's easy for me to constantly be chasing the next shiny technology, tool, programming language, and always succumbing to "grass-is-always-greener" syndrome. But, after being in the tech world for a while, I quickly realized that on a day-to-day basis, what matters most to me is the people I'm interacting with. That isn't to diminish technology - I love toying around and staying up-to-date with things. But, I've learned from our CTO that it's important to think pragmatically, and ask "what problem is this new technology/tool solving?" and that it's not okay to just answer with "well it's the top-ranked story on hacker news today". The engineering team at Cloud Elements continues to push and teach me how to think critically.

Lastly, as you can clearly see in my video below, I genuinely like the people I work with. I want to hang out with them. They're more than just co-workers, they're friends. And having more than a contractual, working relationship, has built a trust and a team camaraderie that really makes Cloud Elements so much more than a place to work. As a wise man once said, "I love my employees, even though I hit one of you with my car."