Cloudies Takeover Breckenridge

By Mary Nordini in Life at Cloud Elements Posted Aug 21, 2018

After an incredibly successful year at Cloud Elements, leadership knew it was time to reward Cloudies with a first ever retreat filled with fun & adventure. Having our HQ in Denver gives us easy access to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the U.S. - it was easy for us to choose Breckenridge as our retreat location, a short drive from the city with year round alpine activities and stellar mountain views.

Cloudies Takeover Breckenridge Banner

We brought our team together from all over the U.S., uniting faces old and new. To start, we held an All Hands, but with a twist. The Dundies is our award program and allows us to show appreciation for individuals and teams who have inspired us, kicked ass, and lead the way to success by living our Cloud Elements company values. So much laughter was involved that it took a little longer than usual. But hey, we were on vacation! Our CEO, Mark Geene, finished the meeting with a motivating and inspiring talk about keeping your eyes on the trail, reminding us all that the obstacles are what makes the trail worthwhile.

After a fun night of dinner downtown, our next day was perhaps the most exciting: FREE DAY! We allowed our team to choose their activity amongst various choices, such as rafting, hiking, fly-fishing, paddle boarding, and pontooning. We witnessed teammates from all departments come together for an adventure - with a few getting stuck on their paddle boards in a Colorado wind gust on Lake Dillon, eventually having to be rescued by a boat. But this is #teambonding at its finest, am I right? 


While the team enjoyed chips, cheese dip, guac, & margs at our company dinner that night, we had a Founders Q&A Panel and shared stories of the birth of Cloud Elements, back when Panera Bread was our office (#truestartuplife, look at us now!). Some ventured out to karaoke afterwards, singing “Scrubs” by TLC together to end the night.

On our last day, we did a session on stock options and shared our updated company strategy to send off the team. Over the course of the retreat, we learned quite a few really important things: like who forgot what sunscreen was, who was the best flosser, and who forgot they were in Breckenridge and ordered late night food to their house in Denver #oops. But most importantly, we learned that our first ever company retreat was a major success filled with exactly what we’d hoped for - a time to decompress, be silly, and explore.