Cloud Elements Welcomes Amy Mustoe to Lead Customer Success 

By Kristie Hunziker in Life at Cloud Elements Posted Nov 10, 2016

DENVER, CO--(Nov 10, 2016) - Cloud Elements, Denver’s leading API management and integration platform, today announces that Amy Mustoe has joined the leadership team as the Vice President of Customer Success just a few weeks ago. A strategic focus for the company is to continue to accelerate the momentum around the  “Customers First” core value. By doing so, the company is ready and excited to bring in an executive team member that represent the customer voice. 

“We are thrilled to bring world class customer success executive, Amy Mustoe, on-board to lead our Customer Success organization. In line with our company core value “Customers First”, this exemplifies our commitment to our current and future customers,” says Mark Geene, CEO of Cloud Elements, “We are excited to build a world-class Customer Success organization with Amy leading the charge.”

Geene continues, “Our customers are developers and product teams and with Amy’s experience at SendGrid and her background as a software engineer we feel that she was a perfect fit for our rapidly expanding user community. Our commitment is to continue to invest in accelerating our client’s time to value and to provide world class support as they go live. Amy has proven her ability to deliver in all of these areas.”

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About Amy Mustoe

amy-mustoe.jpgAmy has spent her career building out technical and customer facing teams in Customer Success, Tech Support and Professional Services. She comes most recently from SendGrid where she was the first customer success employee and grew a team of 32 supporting the success of their growing customers and revenue base.

Amy says, “Customer Success means putting the needs of your customers in front of everything, over revenue and the company agenda. All companies say they are customer centric but the ones that inspire me are making decisions based on customer goals, like Cloud Elements.”

Amy has a strong belief that the longevity of a business requires that your customers continue to find value with your product over time. Customers are no longer locked into long term enterprise agreements, requiring we prove ourselves every single day.  She brings a strong understanding of “best-of-breed” hiring and decision making when it comes to building teams that help both the company and customer grow.

Why Cloud Elements?

Amy strongly believes that the problem Cloud Elements’ addresses around organizing and connecting the world of APIs, is solving a complicated problem that doesn’t appear to get less complex in the future. Integrating apps is key to providing the necessary link to create solutions that connect data and their customers.  Helping companies make decisions based on the best integrated data is a key to our longevity as a solution.

“Here at Cloud Elements, we’ve figured out our market segment, our target customers and a scalable product. Now is where we start building out a strategy for how we take care of our customers and our customers customers so that they thrive and continue to see value though their lifetime with Cloud Elements,” said Amy.

Her way of thinking resonates with the Cloud Elements team, who make decisions based off of that “Customer's First” core value on a daily basis. Her mantra “Do what is right for the customer, always, and you will both be successful,” will guide many of the teams at Cloud Elements as we scale.

Building The Team

Amy’s vision for Customer Success at Cloud Elements is to add the right people, at the right time, to scale the organization. Don’t over “process” but let your customer dictate what they need and provide that, exceeding their expectations along the way.  She plans to hire for six positions between now and the end of the year to continue building out teams focused on Support, QA, Customer Enablement and Solutions Delivery. She will be looking for technically savvy programmers, technical project managers and Customer Success Managers who are ready to make an impact in a huge way. Welcome to the team, Amy!

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