Cloud Elements Turns Five

By Brandi Hererra in Life at Cloud Elements Posted Jul 24, 2017

Cloud Elements came along five years ago when a few guys realized integrating to cloud services was taking 70+ hours per end point.  Their realization was that point-to-point connections suck. Since then, Cloud Elements has grown into an entire API Integration Platform. To us, integration is bigger than just a connection. Integrating is about taking on entire categories of services at a time, and moving data, powering transactions, connecting mobile apps, among thousands of other functions.  


Throughout the years we’ve refined our approach in building integrations and simultaneously building our core values, culture and customers. Our core values involve putting our customers first, iterating to success, being a passionate contributor, keeping it simple and having a freedom, flexibility, responsibility mindset. These core values fuel Cloud Elements company culture. To continue our momentum, we believe that culture and fun activities shouldn’t be considered the same thing- just coincide.

In celebration to our many successes and continued growth - we took the team to the park for a good old fashioned BBQ. Cloud Elements Anniversary BBQ was full of festivities as we toasted to all our accomplishments and everything to come. The day started at Sloan's Lake in Denver - where the team along with their families gathered to eat, play and relax.

We also kicked off another company wide game of assassin (read about our last game). Assassin is a game where your mission is to assassinate your target by getting them to do a task without them knowing. It keeps everyone on their toes and makes everyone hard to trust.

Overall, we managed to have a great time while recognizing our accomplishments and keeping our culture alive.

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