March '21 Release Recap

By Brian Busch in Product Updates Posted Mar 15, 2021

As we look forward to spring, our Product and Engineering teams have been hard at work on some exciting enhancements that we’re thrilled to share with our customers and the broader community.

cloud elements march release


Debug Faster, Deploy Sooner

Tracelogging and debugging have been a theme for us over the past year because we’ve heard from you, users and integration developers, that ironing out workflows and edge cases is painful.

We now offer a three-panel interface where you get i) a visual representation of your Formula, ii) the ability to see the code running at specific steps (especially any custom JS you’ve added), and iii) a debug panel that allows you to see and simulate responses and payloads for faster debugging.

Of course, we know that when it comes to API integrations, the devil is in the details. That obscure syntax error in the pre-hook or unexpected payload values can drag developers through the mud of reviewing dozens or hundreds lines of code and logs. Our Formula Debugger points you right to the steps in your workflow that have issues so you can quickly identify bugs and, as a result, deploy faster.


cloud elements march release


More in Formulas: Description and README Generation

Our customers (you!) drive our roadmap and another area of feedback: maintaining and reusing integration content—namely workflows—would be even easier if a new developer could drop in cold and understand how the workflow functions without having to ask the original author any questions.

Enter: automatically generated descriptions and READMEs for Formulas. Cloud Elements now generates these as metadata automatically to ease the documentation burden at the time of development and keep that documentation fresh as tweaks or changes are made (either to the original Formula or to versions leveraged or reused for subsequent integrations).

In Case You Missed It... Standardized Auth! Templates! New Elements!

A few quick hits on recent releases that we continue to iterate on and that have had a big impact for users:

  • Standardized Auth is available to all users and removes all the IF/ THEN/ ELSE logic that traditionally comes with navigating the auth nuance across endpoints. Check out our OAuth 2.0 framework (for non-OAuth APIs) along with customizable UI for user credentials.
  • VDR Templates and Automapping for procure-to-pay and order-to-cash use cases make research into data models and naming conventions for similar objects across applications less painful. As you’re mapping to a target application, Cloud Elements will use the templated definitions to give you a head start.


As always, thanks for your feedback on our product. We love building great things, but we need your help to do it! You can reach us at if you have any thoughts on how to make our product better and better.

In the meantime, check out these new features for yourself. Click below to get a demo.

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