Cloud Elements Moves into New Office IN INDUSTRY RiNo Station

By Hannah Shain in Life at Cloud Elements Posted Dec 6, 2017

The Cloud Elements family has been growing fast since our start in 2012. We’ve expanded from small 9 person shared table in the Innovation Pavilion, to a great group of 88 (and still growing) in just under 5 years. But as we have grown, our office space has not. It’s time we made a move.


This week we made our move from a combined 5000 sq ft (3 smaller offices) at INDUSTRY Denver to a brand new, beautifully laid out, open concept, 8000 sq ft space. We’re the first tenants in the new INDUSTRY RiNo station building, just south of the 38th and Blake light rail station.


We wanted the new office to represent our core values, so the first thing you see right when you walk in the door is our core values manifesto. As you enter our office, you immediately get to know who we are and what we stand for. In designing the new office space, we listened to what the people wanted and took it from there. 


They want SPACE

With a big area to design, we wanted everyone to feel at home. Each team has their own neighborhood, and has gotten together to the design the space they want to work in so they can be comfortable and productive. 


They want to PLAY

We work hard, so we also get to play hard! Whether you enjoy a casual morning break of darts, or a competitive afternoon of Foosball, there is a variety of games around the office. Though we had to say goodbye to the ping pong tables at INDUSTRY Denver, there are no sad faces with the corn hole, Foosball table, dart boards, and video games we have brought in. And we are always looking for more fun, so we dream of bringing in a basketball hoop--stay tuned if this dream becomes a reality. 


They want to LOUNGE

No one likes to sit at their desk all day, and though we have some great standing desks, we aimed higher and have plenty of alternatives. We kept our “cloud” and “element” themed meeting rooms, but also brought in lounge seating around the office. We almost have more lounging space than actual desks! 

Not only have we expanded the comfort seating, we have expanded the plant life to keep the office atmosphere happier and healthier. Plants have been shown to increase creativity and productivity in an office due to having stress-relieving effects. Within one day of adding plants to a room, up to 87% of toxins can be removed from the air, resulting in a healthier atmosphere with less sickness. This means more focus and more fun! So we’re bringing in those plants for some fresh o2 and a fresh, hip space.


They want to DRINK Sparkly water

At Cloud Elements we are known for prioritizing food and beverages, above all else. We always have snacks on hand and a La Croix obsession. So of course our new kitchen is the coolest space in the new office! Featuring a western facing wall of windows, we have great mountain and city views that provides loads of natural lighting.

We will continue to be fully stocked with snacks. But perhaps the best upgrade in the new office is to the Bevi drink station, a fancy machine where we can choose our flavor and make our own sparkly water in our new glass Cloud Elements water bottles. Enabling more conversation and community, we brought in large kitchen tables and plenty of seating for the morning coffee breaks, group lunches, and afternoon snack times.


They want DOGS

Because dogs are such a big part of our company, we have a doggy station to spoil the pooches and appease the crowds. Built like a shrine, 16 professional photos of all of our office dogs have been printed and mounted on square blocks to adorn the walls. New doggy beds line the corner, and there are upgraded bowls for all of their drinking and eating needs. And because we love to play, we couldn’t forget a plethora of new toys to welcome the dogs in our new space. 


Swing by the RiNo Station Grand Opening Party on Thursday, December 7th from 4PM - 9PM to tour our space and the new building! Join the Après Ski theme party and crack open a cold beer, roast some marshmallows over an outdoor fire, grab some local eats from Adobo Food Truck and Chuey FU's and listen some local live music, silent disco by SoundDown Party - Denver's Silent Disco Company, and cheers to another epic beginning. Beer on tap from Upslope Brewing Company, Ratio Beerworks, Crazy Mountain Brewing Company, Black Shirt Brewing Co & Oskar Blues Denver.