Cloud Elements Has a New Logo

By Hannah Shain in Product Updates Posted Jun 29, 2017

Cloud Elements has a new logo and it's totally out of this world. Today, we're proud to show off all of the hard work our team has put into not only a new logo, but a new identity. Rebranding is a fickle business. There are many opinions and ideas that literally bounce off the walls. And countless hours are spent in creative workshops (which you should read as really long meetings stocked full with snacks so people don't leave until we've reached a new idea). 

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All jokes aside, the end results are always worth it.. 

the old vs. new Cloud Elements logo:




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Project Name: "Science-y Rebrand"

At Cloud Elements, we call ourselves the new kids on the block. Hip. Fun. Playful. Which in a lot of ways, helps us strive to be the polar opposite of any other vendor we are compared to. This playfulness is one of two important values we wanted to hold true to the new branding.

Example Business Card - Cloud ElementsThe other key value we want to hold true to our brand is the play on "Elements" - as in periodic table elementsBefore the rebrand, we were already succeeding in the play on Elements by dubbing each of our employees as their very own element. Upon joining Cloud Elements, new hires are given business cards that look just like an element. We knew this was the cool-factor of our brand that we just couldn't give up. 

With those values in mind, our logo took on the chemistry & science metaphor all on it's own. And boy, did I learn more than I ever wanted to learn when it comes to chemistry, elements, covalent bonds, ions, and so on. I think I still have the Big Bang Theory jingle stuck in my head. 

It all came together for us, when we started to visualize that covalent bonds are really a symbol of integration. In the coming months, you'll start to see our graphics take on a science-y rebrand transformation, as we continue to evolve and delve deeper into the relationship between chemistry and API integrations. 


Do you want to meet us in-person to see our element-style business cards? Meet us at one of our next events! Join the API Talks Roadshow, stopping at a city near you.

API Talks Roadshow



Any successful rebrand would not be complete without the release of new messaging. While we will work to continue to evolve and tweak our answer to one of the hardest (and yet easiest) questions we've had to ask ourselves, here's a peek at why we exist:

Integration. It’s that pesky part of making a product that no product company actually wants to do. (And who can blame them? It’s not easy). To us, integration is bigger than just a connection. Integrating is about moving data, powering transactions, connecting mobile apps, and thousands of other functions.

THINK beyond the next 3 months of looming integration tasks on your product backlog. It’s time you (and your developers) get back to building the app you love. With Cloud Elements, you can BUILD the robust integration experience you dream about, and beat your competition along the way.

Go beyond the connection. INTEGRATE. Create the ultimate experience without your customers even knowing we’re there.

So get out there and go. Go create great products and great experiences. Build your business into an even better one. We’ll handle the REST.

Outthink. Outbuild. And out-integrate them all.